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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01Automated terrain analysis in real-time strategy gamesSi, C; Pisan, Y; Tan, C; Mateas, M
2021-07-05BODIPY-Appended Pt(II) Complexes with High Toxicities and Anti-chemoresistance Performances in a Cisplatin Resistant In Vivo Model.Chong, H; Tan, C; Fang, S; Chen, X; Tao, Q; Yuan, X; Li, J; Zhai, C; Fei, C; Yang, D; Fan, H; Shao, H; Qin, A; Wang, G; Shi, Z; Z'hang, T; Yao, H; Li, H; Wang, C
2014-01A game to crowdsource data for affective computingTan, C; Sapkota, H; Rosser, DJ; Pisan, Y; Mateas, M
2014-01Initial perceptions of a casual game to crowdsource facial expressions in the wildTan, C; Sapkota, H; Rosser, DJ; Pisan, Y; Mateas, M
2013-01MOOCs vs MMOGsTan, C; Purnendu Mandal
2001-01A multiagent architecture addresses the complexity of industry process re-engineeringDebenham, JK; Alexandrov, V; Dongarra, J; Juliano, B; Renner, R; Tan, C
2012-01Personalised GamingBakkes, IS; Tan, C; Pisan, Y
2006-04-04The response of a Duffing-van der Pol oscillator under delayed feedback controlLi, X; Ji, JC; Hansen, CH; Tan, C
2011-01Tactical Agent PersonalityTan, C; Cheng, H
2014-04-08The Role of Emotions in Art EvaluationTan, C; Ferguson, S; Candy, L; Ferguson, S
2012-01Towards Automated Player Experience Detection With Computer Vision TechniquesTan, C; Pisan, Y; El-Nasr, MS; Desurvire, H; Nacke, LE; Drachen, A; Bernhaupt, R; Isbister, K; Calvi, L
2014-01Towards Better Tools to Support Mixed Methods in Game User ResearchShen, S; Tan, C; Leong, T; Zammitto, V; Mirza-Babaei, P; Livingston, I; Kobayashi, M; Nacke, LE
2022-05Toxicity assessments and transcriptional effects of monofunctionalized Pt(II) complex under dark and light irradiation condition in Caenorhabditis elegans.Chong, H; Fang, S; Yang, D; Tan, C; Wei, J; Chang, S-H; Fan, H; Yao, H; Qin, A; Shao, H; Zhang, Y; Leng, J; Su, D; Wang, C; Li, H