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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01Assessing the kinect’s capabilities to perform a time-based clinical test for fall risk assessment in older peopleGarcia, JA; Pisan, Y; Tan, CT; Navarro, KF
2011-01-01Augmented reality games: A reviewTan, CT; Soh, D
2010-12-01An automated model-based adaptive architecture in modern gamesTan, CT; Cheng, HL
2014-01-01BeFaced: A casual game to crowdsource facial expressions in the wildTan, CT; Sapkota, H; Rosser, D
2013-01-01Can you CopyMe?: An expression mimicking serious gameTan, CT; Harrold, N; Rosser, D
2008-12-01A combined tactical and strategic hierarchical learning framework in multiagent gamesTan, CT; Cheng, HL
2014-01-01Combining think-aloud and physiological data to understand video game experiencesTan, CT; Leong, TW; Shen, S
2014-01-01CopyMe: A portable real-time feedback expression recognition game for childrenHarrold, N; Tan, CT; Rosser, D; Leong, TW
2014-01-01CopyMe: An emotional development game for childrenHarrold, N; Tan, CT; Rosser, D; Leong, TW
2014Correlation between Facial Expressions and the Game Experience QuestionnaireTan, CT; Bakkes, S; Pisan, Y
2013-12-30Crowdsourcing facial expressions using popular gameplayTan, CT; Rosser, D; Harrold, N
2016-11-28Demo: A safe low-cost HMD for underwater VR experiencesZhang, W; Tan, CT; Chen, T
2015-10-05Exploring gameplay experiences on the oculus riftTan, CT; Leong, TW; Shen, S; Dubravs, C; Si, C
2012-08-29A feasibility study in using facial expressions analysis to evaluate player experiencesTan, CT; Rosser, D; Bakkes, S; Pisan, Y
2019-06-18Gamelight - Gamification of the outdoor cycling experienceZhao, D; Lee, JSA; Tan, CT; Dancu, A; Lui, S; Shen, S; Mueller, F
2009-12-01IMPLANT: An integrated mdp and pomdp learning agent for adaptive gamesTan, CT; Cheng, HL
2014-12-02Inferring player experiences using facial expressions analysisTan, CT; Bakkes, S; Pisan, Y
2013-01-01Initial perceptions of a touch-based tablet handwriting serious gameTan, CT; Huang, J; Pisan, Y
2017-03-01An initial understanding of how game users explore virtual environmentsSi, C; Pisan, Y; Tan, CT; Shen, S
2012-08-29Personalised gaming: A motivation and overview of literatureBakkes, S; Tan, CT; Pisan, Y