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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01A digital noise reduction scheme in communication systems for internet of thingsTong, G; Wu, G; Tan, J; Xiong, N; Vasilakos, AV
2017-03-01Accumulation and depuration of paralytic shellfish toxins by Australian abalone Haliotis rubra: Conclusive association with Gymnodinium catenatum dinoflagellate bloomsMcLeod, C; Dowsett, N; Hallegraeff, G; Harwood, DT; Hay, B; Ibbott, S; Malhi, N; Murray, S; Smith, K; Tan, J; Turnbull, A
2023-05-01Anti-Counterfeiting and Traceability Consensus Algorithm Based on Weightage to Contributors in a Food Supply Chain of Industry 4.0Tan, J; Goyal, SB; Singh Rajawat, A; Jan, T; Azizi, N; Prasad, M
2022-10Association of developmental coordination disorder and low motor competence with impaired bone health: A systematic review.Tan, J; Murphy, M; Hart, NH; Rantalainen, T; Bhoyroo, R; Chivers, P
2017-10-01Boosting imbalanced data learning with Wiener process oversamplingLi, Q; Li, G; Niu, W; Cao, Y; Chang, L; Tan, J; Guo, L
2022-09-01Capturing hybrid vigor for lentil breedingTan, J; Wu, L; Peacock, J; Dennis, ES
2010-12-01Classifier and cluster ensembles for mining concept drifting data streamsZhang, P; Zhu, X; Tan, J; Guo, L
2011-01Continuous Data Stream Query in the CloudLi, J; Zhang, P; Tan, J; Liu, P; Guo, L; al, BBE
2019-04-11Cotyledons contribute to plant growth and hybrid vigor in ArabidopsisWang, L; Liu, PC; Wu, LM; Tan, J; Peacock, WJ; Dennis, ES
2019-01-01Deep active learning for anchor user predictionCheng, A; Zhou, C; Yang, H; Wu, J; Li, L; Tan, J; Guo, L
2016-07-01Exploring probabilistic follow relationship to prevent collusive peer-to-peer piracyNiu, W; Tong, E; Li, Q; Li, G; Wen, X; Tan, J; Guo, L
2020-10-10Fear of cancer recurrence following allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) for haematological malignancy: A cross-sectional study.Brice, L; McErlean, G; Donovan, C; Tapp, C; Gilroy, N; Kabir, M; Greenwood, M; Larsen, SR; Moore, J; Gottlieb, D; Hertzberg, M; Brown, L; Hogg, M; Huang, G; Tan, J; Ward, C; Kerridge, I
2020-05-01Full-scale tests on the mechanical behaviour of a continuously welded stainless steel roof under wind excitationOu, T; Wang, D; Xin, Z; Tan, J; Wu, C; Guo, Q; Zhang, Y
2021-09-19How will electric vehicles affect traffic congestion and energy consumption: An integrated modelling approachGrigorev, A; Mao, T; Berry, A; Tan, J; Purushothaman, L; Mihaita, AS
2021-10-27How will electric vehicles affect traffic congestion and energy consumption: an integrated modelling approachGrigorev, A; Mao, T; Berry, A; Tan, J; Purushothaman, L; Mihaita, A-S
2018-03-01Influence of nanoparticle inclusions on the performance of reverse osmosis membranesLiu, Y; Tan, J; Choi, W; Hsu, JH; Han, DS; Han, A; Abdel-Wahab, A; Yu, C
2019-01-01Market equilibrium and welfare effects of a fuel tax in China: The impact of consumers' response through driving patternsTan, J; Xiao, J; Zhou, X
2021-03-15Meta-model based stochastic isogeometric analysis of composite platesLiu, Z; Yang, M; Cheng, J; Wu, D; Tan, J
2011-01Mining frequent patterns across multiple data streamsGuo, J; Zhang, P; Tan, J; Guo, L; al, BBE
2012-01Mining Hot Topics from Twitter StreamsGuo, J; Zhang, P; Tan, J; Guo, L