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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01A GMS-Guided approach for 2D feature correspondence selectionTang, Q; Yang, J; Jia, W; He, X; Zhang, Q; Liu, H
2021-06-15Discrepant responses between evapotranspiration- and transpiration-based ecosystem water use efficiency to interannual precipitation fluctuationsGu, C; Tang, Q; Zhu, G; Ma, J; Gu, C; Zhang, K; Sun, S; Yu, Q; Niu, S
2014-01-01Does high-quality financial reporting mitigate the negative impact of global financial crises on firm performance? Evidence from the United KingdomLin, Z; Jiang, Y; Tang, Q; He, X
2020-01-01Modeling and analysis of the two-dimensional axisymmetric acoustofluidic fields in the probe-type and substrate-type ultrasonic micro/nano manipulation systemsLiu, P; Tang, Q; Su, S; Hu, J; Yu, Y
2021-01-01Nighttime image dehazing based on Retinex and dark channel prior using Taylor series expansionTang, Q; Yang, J; He, X; Jia, W; Zhang, Q; Liu, H
2018-08-01A novel consistent random forest framework: Bernoulli random forestsWang, Y; Xia, ST; Tang, Q; Wu, J; Zhu, X
2019-04-20Preferable phosphate removal by nano-La(III) hydroxides modified mesoporous rice husk biochars: Role of the host pore structure and point of zero chargeTang, Q; Shi, C; Shi, W; Huang, X; Ye, Y; Jiang, W; Kang, J; Liu, D; Ren, Y; Li, D
2023-01Role of wound microbiome, strategies of microbiota delivery system and clinical management.Tang, Q; Xue, N; Ding, X; Tsai, KH-Y; Hew, JJ; Jiang, R; Huang, R; Cheng, X; Ding, X; Yee Cheng, Y; Chen, J; Wang, Y
2021-02Single image deraining using Context Aggregation Recurrent NetworkTang, Q; Yang, J; Liu, H; Guo, Z; Jia, W