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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-04Hidden states exploration for 3D skeleton-based gesture recognitionLiu X; Shi H; Hong X; Chen H; Tao D; Zhao G
2019-01-01Learning contextual and attentive information for brain tumor segmentationZhou C; Chen S; Ding C; Tao D
2019-01-01Multi-scale masked 3-D U-Net for brain tumor segmentationXu Y; Gong M; Fu H; Tao D; Zhang K; Batmanghelich K
2019-04Multi-Task Structure-Aware Context Modeling for Robust Keypoint-Based Object Tracking.Li X; Zhao L; Ji W; Wu Y; Wu F; Yang M-H; Tao D; Reid I
2019-08-01Multi-view common component discriminant analysis for cross-view classificationYou X; Xu J; Yuan W; Jing XY; Tao D; Zhang T
2019Packing Convolutional Neural Networks in the Frequency DomainWang Y; Xu C; Xu C; Tao D
2019-05-01Progressive LiDAR adaptation for road detectionChen Z; Zhang J; Tao D
2019-04Robust Graph-Based Semisupervised Learning for Noisy Labeled Data via Maximum Correntropy Criterion.Du B; Xinyao T; Wang Z; Zhang L; Tao D
2019-12-01Robust Visual Tracking Using Multi-Frame Multi-Feature Joint ModelingZhang P; Yu S; Xu J; You X; Jiang X; Jing XY; Tao D
2019-12-01ROMIR: Robust Multi-View Image Re-RankingLi J; Xu C; Yang W; Sun C; Kotagiri R; Tao D
2019-11-03Selecting the optimal groups: Efficiently computing skyline k-cliquesZhang C; Qin L; Zhang W; Zhang F; Zhang Y; Lin X; Zhu W; Tao D; Cheng X; Cui P; Rundensteiner EA; Carmel D; He Q; Yu JX
2019-12-01Toward efficient indexing structure for scalable content-based music retrievalShen J; Tao M; Qu Q; Tao D; Rui Y
2019-08-29Trajectory Data Classification: A ReviewBian J; Tian D; Tang Y; Tao D