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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Circulating tumour cell RNA characterisation from colorectal cancer patient blood after inertial microfluidic enrichmentWinter, M; Cai, Z; Winkler, K; Georgiou, K; Inglis, D; Lavranos, T; Rezaei, M; Warkiani, M; Thierry, B
2022-01-01Inertial Microfluidic Purification of CAR-T-Cell Products.Elsemary, MT; Maritz, MF; Smith, LE; Warkiani, M; Bandara, V; Napoli, S; Barry, SC; Coombs, JT; Thierry, B
2018-07-01Isolation of Circulating Fetal Trophoblasts Using Inertial Microfluidics for Noninvasive Prenatal TestingWinter, M; Hardy, T; Rezaei, M; Nguyen, V; Zander-Fox, D; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M; Thierry, B
2020-02-17Lung-on-a-chip: the future of respiratory disease models and pharmacological studiesShrestha, J; Razavi Bazaz, S; Aboulkheyr Es, H; Yaghobian Azari, D; Thierry, B; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M; Ghadiri, M
2019-06-01A Reappraisal of Circulating Fetal Cell Noninvasive Prenatal TestingRezaei, M; Winter, M; Zander-Fox, D; Whitehead, C; Liebelt, J; Warkiani, ME; Hardy, T; Thierry, B
2021-03-03Simple-to-Operate Approach for Single Cell Analysis Using a Hydrophobic Surface and Nanosized Droplets.Rezaei, M; Radfar, P; Winter, M; McClements, L; Thierry, B; Warkiani, ME
2019-01-02Surface plasmon enhanced light scattering biosensing: Size dependence on the gold nanoparticle tagYang, CT; Xu, Y; Pourhassan-Moghaddam, M; Tran, DP; Wu, L; Zhou, X; Thierry, B
2019-04-01Validation of a Vasculogenesis Microfluidic Model for Radiobiological Studies of the Human MicrovasculatureGuo, Z; Yang, CT; Maritz, MF; Wu, H; Wilson, P; Warkiani, ME; Chien, CC; Kempson, I; Aref, AR; Thierry, B
2022-10-25Zigzag microchannel for rigid inertial separation and enrichment (Z-RISE) of cells and particles.Razavi Bazaz, S; Mihandust, A; Salomon, R; Joushani, HAN; Li, W; A Amiri, H; Mirakhorli, F; Zhand, S; Shrestha, J; Miansari, M; Thierry, B; Jin, D; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M