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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Background frequency of Bacillus species at the Canberra Airport: A 12 month study.Gahan, ME; Thomas, R; Rossi, R; Nelson, M; Roffey, P; Richardson, MM; McNevin, D
2010-01Community empowerment through sport and events: A conceptual framework for sport-for-development projectsSchulenkorf, N; Thomas, R
2001-01Cultural Issues of User Interface Design in Implementing Web-site DesignKang, K; Smith, W; Thomas, R; Apperley, M
2001-01Culturally commercial: a cultural e-commerce frameworkSudweeks, F; Simoff, SJ; Smith, W; Thomas, R; Apperley, M
2001-01Dynamically constructed virtual spaces - the loose integration frameworkKang, K; Smith, W; Thomas, R; Apperley, M
2022-06-14Government Watchdog Agencies and Administrative JusticeStuhmcke, A; Hertogh, M; Kirkham, R; Thomas, R; Tomlinson, J
2015-06High Chlamydia Burden Promotes Tumor Necrosis Factor-Dependent Reactive Arthritis in SKG Mice.Baillet, AC; Rehaume, LM; Benham, H; O'Meara, CP; Armitage, CW; Ruscher, R; Brizard, G; Harvie, MCG; Velasco, J; Hansbro, PM; Forrester, JV; Degli-Esposti, MA; Beagley, KW; Thomas, R
2001-01Learning HCI in the Lost WorldRobertson, TJ; Lueg, CP; Brookes, WC; Smith, W; Thomas, R; Apperley, M
2018-03-01RelB-deficient dendritic cells promote the development of spontaneous allergic airway inflammationNair, PM; Starkey, MR; Haw, TJ; Ruscher, R; Liu, G; Maradana, MR; Thomas, R; O'Sullivan, BJ; Hansbro, PM
2010-01Sport Event Legacies: Implications for Meaningful Legacy OutcomesThomson, AK; Leopkey, B; Schlenker, K; Schulenkorf, N; Thomas, R
2002-01'What do you Want from Me?' A Poststructuralist Feminist Reading of Middle Managers' IdentitiesPullen, A; Thomas, R