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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Assessing Graduate Attributes in the Business Law CurriculumKamvounias, P; Thompson, DG
Jan-2002Assessing Group Projects in Design EducationThompson, DG
2-Jan-2015The calibration of student judgement through self-assessment: disruptive effects of assessment patternsBoud, D; Thompson, DG
Jan-2004Checklist for an armed robberNeumark, N; Vaile, I; Thompson, DG
Jan-2011Digital based media design: the innovative contribution of design graduates from vocational and higher education sectorsThompson, DG; Doloswala, NK; Toner, P
Jan-2013Digital Based Media Design: The Innovative Contribution Of Design Graduates From Vocational And Higher Education SectorsDoloswala, NK; Thompson, DG; Toner, P
Jan-2013Does student engagement in self-assessment calibrate their judgement over time?Boud, DJ; Lawson, R; Thompson, DG
Jan-2006E-Assessment: The Demise of Exams and the Rise of Generic Attribute Assessment for Improved Student LearningThompson, DG; Roberts, TS
Jan-2003Educational Concepts For Design LecturersThompson, DG
Jan-2012Engaging with Graduate Attributes through Encouraging Accurate Student Self-AssessmentLawson, R; Taylor, TL; Thompson, DG; Simpson, L; Freeman, M; Treleaven, L; Rohde, F
Jan-2005Enriching Class Teaching with Educational TechnologyThompson, DG; Thatcher, A; James, J; Todd, A
Jan-2008Graduate attribute assessment: Using online visual communication to engage staff and studentsThompson, DG; Network, EBTIR
Jan-2008Integrating Graduate Attributes with Assessment Criteria in Business Education Using an Online Assessment SystemThompson, DG; Treleaven, L; Kamvounias, P; Beem, B; Hill, E
Jan-2007Integrating Graduate Attributes with Student Self AssessmentThompson, DG; Zehner; R; Reidsema; Eds, C; 2007
2016Marks should not be the focus of assessment— but how can change be achieved?Thompson, DG
Jan-2007A multidisciplinary education framework for interdisciplinary education which enables people from different disciplines to work together with community based organisations on real-world projects.Moulton, BD; Thompson, DG; O'Loughlin, PA
Jan-2005Online Assessment Using 'Graduate Attributes' as the core frameworkThompson, DG; Rowsell, D
Jan-2009Online self- and peer assessment for groupworkThompson, DG; McGregor, IM
Jan-2005Self and peer assessment for group work in large classesThompson, DG; McGregor, IM; Kandlbinder, P
Jan-2008Software as a facilitator of graduate attribute integration and student self-assessmentThompson, DG; Duff, A; Quinn, D; Green, M; Andre, K; Ferris, T; Copeland, S