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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08-30Discovering the troublesome knowledge and threshold concepts of pharmacology E-PosterKhurshid, F; Thompson, R; O'Connor, E; Hegazi, I
2016-10-01Fasciola hepatica surface tegument: Glycoproteins at the interface of parasite and hostRavida, A; Cwiklinski, K; Aldridge, AM; Clarke, P; Thompson, R; Gerlach, JQ; Kilcoyne, M; Hokke, CH; Dalton, JP; O'Neill, SM
2023-07-28From Complex Understanding to Complex Learning- Adopting 4C/ID Model for Teaching And Learning Of Pharmacology Threshold ConceptsKhurshid, F; Thompson, R; O'Connor, E; Hegazi, I
2013-06-01Imagining fatherhood: Young Australian men's perspectives on fatheringThompson, R; Lee, C; Adams, J
2016-08Potential predictors of nipple trauma from an in-home breastfeeding programme: A cross-sectional study.Thompson, R; Kruske, S; Barclay, L; Linden, K; Gao, Y; Kildea, S
2008-12-01Single channel wireless EEG: Proposed application in train driversRidwan, SD; Thompson, R; Jap, BT; Lal, S; Fischer, P
2008-01A Strategy For Promoting The Use Of Collective Intelligence Within A Technology Education Context: A Case StudyKokotovich, V; Thompson, R; Middleton, H; Pavlova, M
2019-11-09Struggling with strugglers: using data from selection tools for early identification of medical students at risk of failure.Li, J; Thompson, R; Shulruf, B
-Twelve tips for adopting the virtual Nominal Group Technique (vNGT) in medical education researchKhurshid, F; O’Connor, E; Thompson, R; Hegazi, I
2020Vygotsky, Threshold Concepts and Liminality: Using Vygotsky to illuminate the edge of conceptual understandingThompson, R; Michel, M; Timmermans, JA; Land, R