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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-12-01Detection of masses in digitised mammograms using dendronic image analysisNguyen, HT; Mitchell, RA; Thornton, BS; Hung, WT; Lee, W; Rickard, M
2001-01Detection of stellates and masses in digitised mammogramsNguyen, HT; Hung, A; Thornton, BS; Lee, WB; Rickard, MT; Berry, M; N/A
2003-01Diagnostic Abilities of Three CAD Methods for Assessing Microcalcifications In Mammograms and An Aspect of Equivocal Cases Decisions by RadiologistsHung, A; Nguyen, HT; Lee, WB; Rickard, MT; Thornton, BS; Blinowska, A
2003-01Dynamic Programming Approach to Image Segmentation and its Application to Pre-processing of MammogramsHung, A; Nguyen, HT; Thornton, BS; Zinder, Y
2003-12-01Faster Image Dendrogram Creation: An Efficient Algorithm for the Detection of Tumours in Digital MammographyMitchell, RA; Nguyen, HT; Thornton, BS; Hung, WT; Lee, W; Rickard, M
2009-12-08Improved observer dependent perception of weak edges when scanning an image in real time indicated by introducing 1/f noise into the primary visual cortex V1. Theory and experimental supportThornton-Benko, E; Nguyen, HT; Hung, WT; Thornton, BS
2004-12-01Mammogram object detection using dendronic image analysisMitchell, RA; Nguyen, HT; Thornton, BS; Hung, WT; Lee, W; Rickard, M
1988-02-01Prescheduling graphic displays for optimal cancer therapies to reveal possible tumor regression or stabilizationThornton, BS; Langtry, TN
2014-01-01Thermodynamics and information physics offer new opportunities in cancer therapyMolnar, J; Thornton, BS; Gábor, P