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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-01Annuitization and asset allocation with HARA utilityKingston, G; Thorp, SJ
2008-01Choices and Constraints Over retirement Income Streams: Comparing Rules and RegulationsBateman, H; Thorp, SJ
2007-01Decentralized investment management: An analysis of non-profit pension fundsBateman, H; Thorp, SJ
2013-01Financial literacy and retirement planning in AustraliaAgnew, J; Bateman, H; Thorp, SJ
2013-01Financialization, crisis and commodity correlation dynamicsSilvennoinen, A; Thorp, SJ
2010-01Financialization, crisis and commodity correlation dynamicsSilvennoinen, A; Thorp, SJ; al, AAE
2007-01Measuring equity market integration using uncorrelated information flows: Tokyo, London and New YorkMilunovich, G; Thorp, SJ
2014Modelling Sustainable Spending Plans for Family Offices, Foundations and TrustsSatchell, S; Thorp, SJ; Rudd, A; Satchell, S
2008-01The Private Value of Public PensionsPetrichev, K; Thorp, SJ
2007-01Symmetric versus asymmetric conditional covariance forecasts: Does it pay to switch?Thorp, SJ; Milunovich, G
2005-01That Courage is not Inconsistent with Caution: Currency Hedging for Superannuation FundsThorp, SJ
2011-01Uncertain survival and time discounting: Intertemporal consumption plans for family trustsSatchell, S; Thorp, SJ
2015Understanding How Consumers Make Financial Choices: A Cross-Disciplinary Learning ExperienceBateman, H; Louviere, J; Thorp, SJ; Harrison, T; Estelami, H
2010-01Unobservable shocks as carriers of contagionDungey, M; Milunovich, G; Thorp, SJ
2007-01Valuing Basic PensionsPetrichev, K; Thorp, SJ; Lin, J
2006-01Valuing volatility spilloversMilunovich, G; Thorp, SJ
1988-01VAR forecasting models of the Australian economy: A preliminary analysisTrevor, RG; Thorp, SJ