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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02-01The aesthetic pleasure in design scale: The development of a scale to measure aesthetic pleasure for designed artifactsBlijlevens, J; Hekkert, P; Leder, H; Thurgood, C; Chen, LL; Whitfield, TWA
2015An affective tool to assist in designing innovationsLulham, R; Thurgood, C; Shank, D; Popovic, V; Blackler, A; Luh, D-B; Nimkulrat, N; Kraal, B; Nagia, Y
2016-09-01Design for Wellbeing - Supporting NSW agencies and organisations to work towards the promotion of wellbeingvan der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Thurgood, C; Klippan, L
2016-07-20A Design Innovation Adoption Tool for SMEsPettigrew, DK; Thurgood, C; Bucolo, S
2015-01-01Design innovation for societal and business changeThurgood, C; Dorst, K; Bucolo, S; Van Der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Vermaas, P
2015-01-01Design led growth: Lessons from Lean.Pettigrew, D; Thurgood, C; Bucolo, S
2016Designing competitive industry sectorsPeppou, G; Bucolo, S; Thurgood, C
-Designing Meaningful ObjectsOrth, D; van den Hoven, E; Thurgood, C
2019-09-01Designing meaningful products in the digital age: How users value their technological possessionsOrth, D; Thurgood, C; Van Den Hoven, E
2018-08-31Designing Objects with Meaningful AssociationsOrth, D; Thurgood, C; van den Hoven, E
2018-08-01Designing objects with meaningful associationsOrth, D; Thurgood, C; van den Hoven, E
2010-04-14Development of a light-emitting diode tachistoscopeThurgood, C; Patterson, J; Simpson, D; Whitfield, TWA
2014-01-01The development of a reliable and valid scale to measure aesthetic pleasure in design.Blijlevens, J; Thurgood, C; Hekkert, P; Leder, H; Whitfield, TWA; Kozbelt, A; Tinio, PPL; Locher, PJ
2020-02-06Embodying meaningful digital media: A strategy to design for product attachment in the digital ageOrth, D; Thurgood, C; Van Den Hoven, E
2015-01-01Emergency warnings and non-compliance: Why the effect of repeated exposure needs to be examined within the emergency management sector.Aimers, N; Thurgood, C
2015-01-01Framing in design: A formal analysis and failure modesVermaas, P; Dorst, K; Thurgood, C
2019Improving wellbeing in universities- a transdisciplinary systems change approachvan der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Key, T; Kligyte, G; Malcolm, B; Thurgood, C; Reddy, P; Jones, P; Teixeira, C; Lima, J; Matic, A; Matic, G
2014-01-01The joint effect of typicality and novelty on aesthetic pleasure for product designs: Influences of safety and risk.Thurgood, C; Hekkert, P; Blijlevens, J; Kozbelt, A; Tinio, PPL; Locher, PJ
2020-01-01Knowledge, Perceived Benefits, Adoption, and Use of Smart Home ProductsShank, DB; Wright, D; Lulham, R; Thurgood, C
2013-01Light Emitting Diodes as a Rapid Visual Display for Use in Psychological ExperimentsThurgood, C; Whitfield, TWA