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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-12-01Chinese text detection and location for images in multimedia messaging serviceYan, J; Tao, D; Tian, C; Gao, X; Li, X
2018-02-01Dinoflagellate cyst abundance is positively correlated to sediment organic carbon in Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay, NSW, AustraliaTian, C; Doblin, MA; Dafforn, KA; Johnston, EL; Pei, H; Hu, W
2023-10-16Electrified Cement Production via Anion-Mediated Electrochemical Calcium ExtractionMiao, RK; Wang, N; Hung, S-F; Huang, W-Y; Zhang, J; Zhao, Y; Ou, P; Wang, S; Edwards, JP; Tian, C; Han, J; Xu, Y; Fan, M; Huang, JE; Xiao, YC; Ip, AH; Liang, H; Sargent, EH; Sinton, D
2013-11-01Environmental factors influencing cyanobacteria community structure in Dongping Lake, ChinaLu, X; Tian, C; Pei, H; Hu, W; Xie, J
2019-10-01Impacts of livestock grazing, topography and vegetation on distribution of wildlife in Wanglang National Nature Reserve, ChinaTian, C; Liao, PC; Dayananda, B; Zhang, YY; Liu, ZX; Li, JQ; Yu, B; Qing, L
2023-09-11Paired Electrosynthesis of H<sub>2</sub> and Acetic Acid at A/cm<SUP>2</SUP> Current DensitiesTian, C; Li, X-Y; Nelson, VE; Ou, P; Zhou, D; Chen, Y; Zhang, J; Huang, JE; Wang, N; Yu, J; Liu, H; Liu, C; Yang, Y; Peng, T; Zhao, Y; Lee, B-H; Wang, S; Shirzadi, E; Chen, Z; Miao, RK; Sinton, D; Sargent, EH
2019-10Perceived Discomfort, Pain and Nonpain Symptoms in a Postanesthesia Care Unit: An Observational Study.Tian, C; Yu, Y; Mao, J; Davidson, PM
2018-06-01Phytoplankton functional groups variation and influencing factors in a shallow temperate lakeTian, C; Hao, D; Pei, H; Doblin, MA; Ren, Y; Wei, J; Feng, Y
2014-01-01Sufficient Statistics Feature Mapping over Deep Boltzmann Machine for DetectionZhang, C; Li, X; Yan, J; Chu, S; Wang, Y; Tian, C; Zhao, Y
2021-08-01Surface water treatment benefits from the presence of algae: Influence of algae on the coagulation behavior of polytitanium chlorideZhao, Y; Lian, H; Tian, C; Li, H; Xu, W; Phuntsho, S; Shih, K
2017-01-01Titanium tetrachloride for silver nanoparticle-humic acid composite contaminant removal in coagulation-ultrafiltration hybrid process: floc property and membrane foulingZhao, Y; Sun, Y; Tian, C; Gao, B; Wang, Y; Shon, H; Yang, Y
2021-12-01Tolerance-Oriented Wi-Fi Advertisement Scheduling: A Near Optimal Study on Accumulative User InterestsXu, W; Fan, X; Wu, T; Tao, W; Xi, Y; Yang, P; Tian, C
2015-11-01Variation of phytoplankton functional groups modulated by hydraulic controls in Hongze Lake, ChinaTian, C; Pei, H; Hu, W; Hao, D; Doblin, MA; Ren, Y; Wei, J; Feng, Y