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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-10-07A green and sustainable strategy toward lithium resources recycling from spent batteries.Xu, J; Jin, Y; Liu, K; Lyu, N; Zhang, Z; Sun, B; Jin, Q; Lu, H; Tian, H; Guo, X; Shanmukaraj, D; Wu, H; Li, M; Armand, M; Wang, G
2018-09-01A Social-Aware Virtual MAC Protocol for Energy-Efficient D2D Communications Underlying Heterogeneous Cellular NetworksFan, B; Tian, H; Jiang, L; Vasilakos, AV
2017-09-01Adaptive Centralized Clustering Framework for Software-Defined Ultra-Dense Wireless NetworksLyu, X; Tian, H; Ni, W; Liu, RP; Zhang, P
2021-07Advances in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: From Academic Research to Commercial Viability.Chen, Y; Wang, T; Tian, H; Su, D; Zhang, Q; Wang, G
2022-12-01Balancing Accuracy and Integrity for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Aided Over-the-Air Federated LearningZheng, J; Tian, H; Ni, W; Ni, W; Zhang, P
2016-10-20Bi-layer photoanode films of hierarchical carbon-doped brookite-rutile TiO<inf>2</inf> composite and anatase TiO<inf>2</inf> beads for efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsShen, Z; Wang, G; Tian, H; Sunarso, J; Liu, L; Liu, J; Liu, S
2022-11Biomimetic Dendrite-Free Multivalent Metal Batteries.Zhang, Z; Yang, X; Li, P; Wang, Y; Zhao, X; Safaei, J; Tian, H; Zhou, D; Li, B; Kang, F; Wang, G
2015-01-19Broker based bipartite matching game for resource management in femtocell networksLin, S; Tian, H; Ni, W; Liu, R
2022-01-01Carrier Phase-Based Synchronization and High-Accuracy Positioning in 5G New Radio Cellular NetworksFan, S; Ni, W; Tian, H; Huang, Z; Zeng, R
2023-05-23CIFair: Constructing continuous domains of invariant features for image fair classificationsTian, H; Liu, B; Zhu, T; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2023-01-01Classification of lattice defects and the microscopic origin of p-type conductivity of Sb<inf>2</inf>Se<inf>3</inf> solar cell absorber with varying Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>-layer thicknessesGuo, H; Jia, X; Liu, J; Feng, Z; Zhang, S; Chen, Z; Tian, H; Qiu, J; Yuan, N; Ding, J
2019-04-23Co-Fe Mixed Metal Phosphide Nanocubes with Highly Interconnected-Pore Architecture as an Efficient Polysulfide Mediator for Lithium-Sulfur BatteriesChen, Y; Zhang, W; Zhou, D; Tian, H; Su, D; Wang, C; Stockdale, D; Kang, F; Li, B; Wang, G
2018-07-01Colloidal spray pyrolysis: A new fabrication technology for nanostructured energy storage materialsLiang, Y; Tian, H; Repac, J; Liou, SC; Chen, J; Han, W; Wang, C; Ehrman, S
2019-11-03Concept drift adaption for online anomaly detection in structural health monitoringTian, H; Khoa, NLD; Anaissi, A; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2020Construction of hollow mesoporous silica nanoreactors for enhanced photo-oxidations over Au-Pt catalystsTian, H; Zhao, J; Wang, X; Wang, L; Liu, H; Wang, G; Huang, J; Liu, J; Lu, GQM
2020-02-01Cooperative Computing Anytime, Anywhere: Ubiquitous Fog ServicesLyu, X; Ren, C; Ni, W; Tian, H; Liu, RP
2021-12-01CoPace: Edge Computation Offloading and Caching for Self-Driving with Deep Reinforcement LearningTian, H; Xu, X; Qi, L; Zhang, X; Dou, W; Yu, S; Ni, Q
2020-01-01Data-driven water quality prediction in chloraminated systemsPeters, A; Liang, B; Tian, H; Li, Z; Doolan, C; Vitanage, D; Norris, H; Simpson, K; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2022-02-01Debris flow simulation 2D (DFS 2D): Numerical modelling of debris flows and calibration of friction parametersAbraham, MT; Satyam, N; Pradhan, B; Tian, H
2017-01-01Design and synthesis of porous ZnTiO<inf>3</inf>/TiO<inf>2</inf> nanocages with heterojunctions for enhanced photocatalytic H<inf>2</inf> productionTian, H; Wang, S; Zhang, C; Veder, JP; Pan, J; Jaroniec, M; Wang, L; Liu, J