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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Data-driven water quality prediction in chloraminated systemsPeters, A; Liang, B; Tian, H; Li, Z; Doolan, C; Vitanage, D; Norris, H; Simpson, K; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2020-03-15Flexible and conductive scaffold-stabilized zinc metal anodes for ultralong-life zinc-ion batteries and zinc-ion hybrid capacitorsDong, L; Yang, W; Yang, W; Tian, H; Huang, Y; Wang, X; Xu, C; Wang, C; Kang, F; Wang, G
2020-10-06High-power lithium-selenium batteries enabled by atomic cobalt electrocatalyst in hollow carbon cathode.Tian, H; Tian, H; Wang, S; Chen, S; Zhang, F; Song, L; Liu, H; Liu, J; Wang, G
2020Joint Input and Output Space Learning for Multi-Label Image ClassificationXu, J; Tian, H; Wang, Z; Wang, Y; Chen, F; Kang, W
2020-01-01Metal-organic-framework-derived formation of Co–N-doped carbon materials for efficient oxygen reduction reactionTian, H; Zhang, C; Su, P; Shen, Z; Liu, H; Wang, G; Liu, S; Liu, J
2020-01-01Nitrogen-doped Carbon Nanospheres-Modified Graphitic Carbon Nitride with Outstanding Photocatalytic ActivityLiu, Q; Tian, H; Dai, Z; Sun, H; Liu, J; Ao, Z; Wang, S; Han, C; Liu, S
2019-10-01Optimal Online Data Partitioning for Geo-Distributed Machine Learning in Edge of Wireless NetworksLyu, X; Ren, C; Ni, W; Tian, H; Liu, RP; Dutkiewicz, E
2019-07-01Profitable cooperative region for distributed online edge cachingRen, C; Lyu, X; Ni, W; Tian, H; Liu, RP
2019Radio over Cloud (RoC): Cloud-Assisted Distributed Beamforming for Multi-class TrafficQin, C; Ni, W; Tian, H; Lu, L; Liu, RP
2020-12-01Self-detoxifying hollow zinc silica nanospheres with tunable Ag ion release-recapture capability: A nanoantibiotic for efficient MRSA inhibitionWu, H; Tian, H; Li, J; Liu, L; Wang, Y; Qiu, J; Wang, S; Liu, S
2020-12-01Virtual Service Placement for Edge Computing under Finite Memory and BandwidthHe, S; Lyu, X; Ni, W; Tian, H; Liu, RP; Hossain, E