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2016-01-01Among inpatients, posttraumatic stress disorder symptom severity is negatively associated with time spent walkingRosenbaum, S; Vancampfort, D; Tiedemann, A; Stubbs, B; Steel, Z; Ward, PB; Berle, D; Sherrington, C
2022-10-04Designing physical activity interventions for women aged 50+: a qualitative study of participant perspectives.Wallbank, G; Haynes, A; Tiedemann, A; Sherrington, C; Grunseit, AC
2017-02-07Integrated solutions for sustainable fall prevention in primary care, the iSOLVE project: A type 2 hybrid effectiveness-implementation designClemson, L; Mackenzie, L; Roberts, C; Poulos, R; Tan, A; Lovarini, M; Sherrington, C; Simpson, JM; Willis, K; Lam, M; Tiedemann, A; Pond, D; Peiris, D; Hilmer, S; Pit, SW; Howard, K; Lovitt, L; White, F
2023-07Physiotherapists should apply health coaching techniques and incorporate accountability to foster adherence to a walking program for low back pain: a qualitative study.Pocovi, NC; Ayre, J; French, SD; Lin, C-WC; Tiedemann, A; Maher, CG; Merom, D; McCaffrey, K; Hancock, MJ
2018-06-01Risk factors for falls among older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in urban and regional communitiesLukaszyk, C; Radford, K; Delbaere, K; Ivers, R; Rogers, K; Sherrington, C; Tiedemann, A; Coombes, J; Daylight, G; Draper, B; Broe, T
2022-06-25The Value of Mind-Body Connection in Physical Activity for Older People.Gilchrist, H; Haynes, A; Oliveira, JS; Grunseit, A; Sherrington, C; Bauman, A; Shepherd, R; Tiedemann, A
2021-01-05Understanding implementation factors and participant experiences of a cluster randomised controlled trial to prevent falls among older Aboriginal people: a process evaluation protocol.Macniven, R; Coombes, J; Wilson, R; Simon, A; Mackean, T; Hunter, K; Ma, T; Gwynn, J; Sherrington, C; Tiedemann, A; Hill, A-M; Delbaere, K; Lewis, C; Bennett-Brook, K; Howie, A; Stewart, G; Shakespeare, M; Rogers, K; Ivers, RQ; Clapham, K
2018-09Validating the accuracy of an activity monitor in a visually impaired older population.Bajaj, R; Ramulu, P; Dillon, L; Jakobsen, KB; Tiedemann, A; Rogers, K; Keay, L