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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01A Human-Centred Technology Approach to Pedestrian Safety in Smart CitiesTomitsch, M; Ellison, A
2022-11-29Designing for Personas That Don't Have a Voice: Reflections on Designing a Mobile Application for Collecting Biodiversity DataBain, I; Tomitsch, M
2022-05-11Designing Interactions With Shared AVs in Complex Urban Mobility ScenariosHoggenmueller, M; Tomitsch, M; Worrall, S
2022-08-19Designing Smart for Sustainable and Resilient Communities: The Role of Participatory Design in Addressing the UN Sustainable Development GoalsFredericks, J; Foth, M; Davis, H; Caldwell, GA; Parker, C; Tomitsch, M
2022-03-29Designing Wearable Augmented Reality Concepts to Support Scalability in Autonomous Vehicle-Pedestrian InteractionTran, TTM; Parker, C; Wang, Y; Tomitsch, M
2022-07From human-centred to life-centred design: Considering environmental and ethical concerns in the design of interactive productsBorthwick, M; Tomitsch, M; Gaughwin, M
2016-11-01An in-the-wild study of learning to brainstorm: Comparing cards, tabletops and wall displays in the classroomClayphan, A; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Tomitsch, M; Atkinson, S; Kay, J
2010-01Infostructure - A transport research projectGardner, NL; Haeusler, M; Tomitsch, M
2022Interactive media facades—research prototypes, application areas and future directionsTomitsch, M
2011-12-01Last train to trancentral: From infrastructure to 'info'structure - A case study of embedding digital technology into existing public transport infrastructuresBarker, T; Gardner, N; Haeusler, MH; Tomitsch, M
2022-09-17Pedestrian-Vehicle Interaction in Shared Space: Insights for Autonomous VehiclesWang, Y; Hespanhol, L; Worrall, S; Tomitsch, M
2022-06-01Self-moving robots and pulverised urban displays: status quo, taxonomy, and challenges in emerging pervasive display researchHoggenmueller, M; Hespanhol, L; Wiethoff, A; Tomitsch, M
2018-12-04Tools to think with: Augmenting user interviews with rapid modular prototypesHenderson, H; Tomitsch, M; Leong, TW