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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02A multistate model of health transitions in older people: a secondary analysis of ASPREE clinical trial data.Neumann, JT; Thao, LTP; Callander, E; Carr, PR; Qaderi, V; Nelson, MR; Reid, CM; Woods, RL; Orchard, SG; Wolfe, R; Polekhina, G; Williamson, JD; Trauer, JM; Newman, AB; Murray, AM; Ernst, ME; Tonkin, AM; McNeil, JJ
2022-02Cardiovascular risk prediction in healthy older people.Neumann, JT; Thao, LTP; Callander, E; Chowdhury, E; Williamson, JD; Nelson, MR; Donnan, G; Woods, RL; Reid, CM; Poppe, KK; Jackson, R; Tonkin, AM; McNeil, JJ
2002-01Cholesterol-lowering therapy with pravastin in patients with average cholesterol levels and established ischaemic heart disease: is it cost-effective?Glasziou, PP; Eckermann, SD; Mulray, SE; Simes, RJ; Martin, AJ; Kirby, AC; Hall, JP; Caleo, S; White, HD; Tonkin, AM
2011-02-01Clinical effectiveness in everyday practice: Improving outcomes for all patients through a national acute coronary syndrome data collaborativeAstley, CM; Tonkin, AM; Mahar, LJ; Davidson, PM; Boyden, AN; Brieger, DB; Pradhan, M; George, M; Mattschoss, SF; Chew, DP
2019-05-01Evaluating recruitment strategies for AUSPICE, a large Australian community-based randomised controlled trialPeel, R; Ren, S; Hure, A; Evans, TJ; D'Este, CA; Abhayaratna, WP; Tonkin, AM; Hopper, I; Thrift, AG; Levi, CR; Sturm, J; Durrheim, D; Hung, J; Briffa, TG; Chew, DP; Anderson, P; Moon, L; McEvoy, M; Hansbro, PM; Newby, DA; Attia, JR
2022-06Prediction of disability-free survival in healthy older people.Neumann, JT; Thao, LTP; Murray, AM; Callander, E; Carr, PR; Nelson, MR; Wolfe, R; Woods, RL; Reid, CM; Shah, RC; Newman, AB; Williamson, JD; Tonkin, AM; McNeil, JJ; ASPREE investigators,