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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2001Behind the veil: Exploring the recreation needs of muslim womenTaylor, T; Toohey, K
1-Nov-2011Ensuring safety at Australian sport event precincts: Creating securitised, sanitised and stifling spaces?Taylor, T; Toohey, K
1-Jan-2003The fifa world cup 2002: The effects of terrorism on sport touristsToohey, K; Taylor, T; Lee, CK
1-Jan-2006'Here be dragons, here be savages, here be bad plumbing: Australian media representations of sport and terrorismToohey, K; Taylor, T
1-Dec-2006Impacts of terrorism-related safety and security measures at a major sport eventTaylor, T; Toohey, K
1-Sep-2009The importance of prior knowledge: The Australian Olympic Committee and the Sydney 2000 Olympic GamesFrawley, S; Toohey, K
Jan-2011The Janus face of diversity in Australian sportTaylor, TL; Lock, DJ; Darcy, SA; Toohey, K; Taylor, T
2-Dec-2014Managing security at the world cupToohey, K; Taylor, T
23-Jul-2013Managing sport participation legacy at the Olympic gamesFrawley, S; Toohey, K; Veal, AJ
1-Jan-2008Mega events, fear, and risk: Terrorism at the olympic gamesToohey, K; Taylor, T
1-Jan-2007Perceptions of terrorism threats at the 2004 olympic games: Implications for sport eventsTaylor, T; Toohey, K
1-Jan-2015The security agencies' perspectiveTaylor, TL; Toohey, K; Parent, M; Chappelet, J-L
1-Feb-2009'Sport for All" and major sporting events: Project paper 1: Introduction to the projectVeal, AJ; Frawley, S; Toohey, K; Cashman, R
Jan-2011Sport in Australia: 'worth a shout'Toohey, KM; Taylor, TL; Toohey, K; Taylor, T
1-Jul-2012The sport participation legacy of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and other international sporting events hosted in AustraliaVeal, AJ; Toohey, K; Frawley, S
10-Jan-2019Sport participation, international sports events and the ‘trickle-down effect’Veal, AJ; Toohey, K; Frawley, S
1-Jan-2012Surveillance and securitization: A forgotten Sydney Olympic legacyToohey, K; Taylor, T