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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03-0215 - Botanical biofiltration for reducing indoor air pollutionFleck, R; Pettit, T; Douglas, A; Irga, P; Torpy, F
2018-10-02A competitive model for determining air pollution in urban areas: The potential for vegetation for air pollution mitigationDouglas, A; Irga, P; Torpy, F
2023-08-17A green roof or rooftop solar? You can combine them in a biosolar roof, boosting both biodiversity and power outputIrga, P; Wooster, E; Torpy, F; Rojahn, J; Fleck, R
2023-07Air Pollutant Particles and Their Effects on the HeartBorra, A; Valova, V; Fleming, C; Irga, P; Torpy, F; Gunaway, C; Cole, L; McGrath, K
2018-01-01Bench-Study of Green-Wall Plants for Indoor Air Pollution ReductionTorpy, F; Zavattaro, M
2023-07-24Biosolar green roofs – achieving biodiversity outcomes and solar power on the same roof, at the same timeIrga, P; Fleck, R; Wooster, E; Rojahn, J; Torpy, F; Irga, P
2021-09-19Challenges for the incorporation of food production into functional urban greening systemsTorpy, F; Irga, P; Wilkinson, S; Fleck, R; Pettit, T; Douglas, A
2019-05-01DIY laneway greening – simplifying vertical greening at a community level. Milestone Report 1.Irga, P; Wilkinson, S; Allan, P; Torpy, F; Douglas, A; Pettit, T
2021-10-28Engaging the community to understand the public’s perception, willingness to pay, and barriers to vertical greeningDouglas, A; Gill, R; Irga, P; Torpy, F
2018-01-01EXPRESSION OF HUMAN PANCREATIC TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS IN THE LIVERS OF FRG MICERen, B; La, QT; O'Brien, BA; Nassif, NT; Tan, Y; Gerace, D; Martiniello-Wilks, R; Torpy, F; Dane, AP; Alexander, IE; Simpson, AM
2023-11-02Fuelling phytoremediation: gasoline degradation by green wall systems—a case studyMatheson, S; Fleck, R; Lockwood, T; Gill, R; Irga, P; Torpy, F
2021-09-01Green Roof & Solar Array – Comparative Research Project Final Report July 2021Irga, P; Fleck, R; Wooster, E; Torpy, F; Pettit, T; Gill, R; Ball, J
2023-09-18Green Roof and Photovoltaik comparative research in SydneySharman, L; Rojahn, J; Wooster, E; Torpy, F; Fleck, R; Irga, P
2017-06-01Green wall technology for the phytoremediation of indoor air: a system for the reduction of high CO<inf>2</inf> concentrationsTorpy, F; Zavattaro, M; Irga, P
2021-10-25Grey to Green Transition: mapping a way forward for green wallsDouglas, A; Irga, P; Torpy, F
2022-04-21Host transmission dynamics of first- and third-stage Angiostrongylus cantonensis larvae in Bullastra lessoniPai, T-Y; Meyer, W; Torpy, F; Donahoe, S; Ellis, J; Malik, R; Lee, R
2020-03-03How do we make Work Plants the new House Plants?Stannus, G; Irga, P; Torpy, F
2020-03-03, P; Allan, P; Wilkinson, S; Torpy, F; Julia, Y; Douglas, A; Pettit, T
-Incorporation of Green Infrastructure on Road Tunnel Ventilation Stacks: Potential Ambient Air Quality ImprovementIrga, P; Bailes, S; Matheson, S; Torpy, F