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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007An action research protocol to strengthen system-wide inter-professional learning and practice [LP0775514]Braithwaite, J; Westbrook, JI; Foxwell, R; Boyce, R; Devinney, TM; Budge, M; Murphy, K; Ryall, M; Beutel, J; Vanderheide, R; Renton, L; Travaglia, J; Stone, J; Barnard, A; Greenfield, D; Corbett, A; Nugus, P; Clay-Williams, R
27-Mar-2017Applying the Theoretical Domains Framework to identify barriers and targeted interventions to enhance nurses’ use of electronic medication management systems in two Australian hospitals.Debono, DS; Taylor, N; Lipworth, W; Greenfield, D; Travaglia, J; Black, D; Braithwaite, J
Jan-2007Are health systems changing in support of patient safety? A multi-methods evaluation of education, attitudes and practice.Braithwaite, J; Westbrook, M; Travaglia, J; Iedema, RA; Mallock, NA; Long, D; Negus, P; Forsyth, R; Jorm, C; Pawsey, M
May-2015Ask, speak up, and be proactive: Empowering patient infection control to prevent health care-acquired infections.Seale, H; Travaglia, J; Phillipson, L; Chughtai, AA; Kaur, R; Novytska, Y; Crowe, P; Gold, J; MacIntyre, RR
2017Attestation by Governing Bodies: Literature reviewTravaglia, J; Hinchcliff, R; Carter, DJ; Billington, L; Glennie, M; Debono, D
16-Nov-2017Burnout in medical students: a systematic review of experiences in Chinese medical schools.Chunming, WM; Harrison, R; MacIntyre, R; Travaglia, J; Balasooriya, C
Jan-2011Can Questions Of The Privatization And Corporatization, And The Autonomy And Accountability Of Public Hospitals, Ever Be Resolved?Braithwaite, J; Travaglia, J; Corbett, A
1-Aug-2013The Computerized Medical Record as a Tool for Clinical Governance in Australian Primary CarePearce, CM; De Lusignan, S; Phillips, C; Hall, S; Travaglia, J
Jan-2013Continuing differences between health professions' attitudes: the saga of accomplishing systems-wide interprofessionalism.Braithwaite, J; Westbrook, M; Nugus, P; Greenfield, D; Travaglia, J; Runciman, W; Foxwell, R; Boyce, R; Devinney, TM; Westbrook, J
Jan-2014The emergency department "carousel": an ethnographically-derived model of the dynamics of patient flow.Nugus, P; Forero, R; McDonnell, G; Travaglia, J; Hilman, K; Braithwaite, J; McCarthy, S
Apr-2017The enhanced knowledge translation and exchange framework for road safety: a brief report on its development and potential impacts.Hinchcliff, R; Senserrick, T; Travaglia, J; Greenfield, D; Ivers, R
15-Sep-2014Evaluating the impact of equity focused health impact assessment on health service planning: three case studies.Harris-Roxas, B; Haigh, F; Travaglia, J; Kemp, L
Jan-2006Experiences of health professionals who conducted root cause analysis after undergoing a safety improvement programBraithwaite, J; Westbrook, M; Mallock, NA; Travaglia, J; Iedema, RA
Apr-2011Factors that shape the development of interprofessional improvement initiatives in health organisations.Greenfield, D; Nugus, P; Travaglia, J; Braithwaite, J
Jan-2012A four-year, systems-wide intervention promoting interprofessional collaborationBraithwaite, J; Westbrook, M; Nugus, P; Greenfield, D; Travaglia, J; Runciman, W; Foxwell, R; Boyce, R; Devinney, TM; Westbrook, J
15-Mar-2017General practitioners' perceptions of population based bowel screening and their influence on practice: a qualitative study.Dawson, G; Crane, M; Lyons, C; Burnham, A; Bowman, T; Perez, D; Travaglia, J
Jan-2014Globalising health informatics: the role of GIScience.Robertson, H; Nicholas, N; Georgiou, A; Johnson, J; Travaglia, J
Sep-2017'Good culture, bad culture': polygyny, cultural change and structural drivers of HIV in Papua New Guinea.Shih, P; Worth, H; Travaglia, J; Kelly-Hanku, A
Jan-2010Health service accreditation as a predictor of clinical and organizational performance: a blinded, random, stratified studyBraithwaite, J; Greenfield, D; Westbrook, J; Pawsey, M; Westbrook, M; Gibberd, R; Naylor, J; Nathan, S; Robinson, M; Runciman, B; Jackson, M; Travaglia, J; Johnston, B; Yen, D; McDonald, H; Low, L; Redman, S; Johnson, B; Corbett, A; Hennessy, D; Clark, J; Lancaster, J
Jul-2015'I don't want to cause any trouble': the attitudes of hospital patients towards patient empowerment strategies to reduce healthcare-acquired infections.Seale, H; Travaglia, J; Chughtai, AA; Phillipson, L; Novytska, Y; Kaur, R