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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-03-17Addressing individual workplace learning needs for under-represented student groupsPatterson, CM; Trede, F
2010-01Assessment for developing practiceBoud, DJ; Higgs, J; Fish, D; Goulter, I; Loftus, S; Reid, JA; Trede, F
2014-01-01Collaboration and collaboratingCroker, A; Trede, F; Higgs, J
2019Collaborative decision making in liquid timesTrede, F; Higgs, J; Higgs, J; Jensen, G; Loftus, S; Christensen, N
2018-09-03Creating change agents for interprofessional education and practice: a leadership programme for academic staff and health practitionersBrewer, ML; Flavell, H; Trede, F; Smith, M
2019-01-01Educating the deliberate professional and enhancing professional agency through peer reflection of work-integrated learningTrede, F; Jackson, D
2019Education for Practice in a Hybrid SpaceTrede, F; Markauskaite, L; McEwen, C; Macfarlane, S
-Engineering students’ expectations and perceptions of studio-based learningTrede, F; Braun, R; Brookes, W
2017-01-01Learning in hybrid spaces: Designing a mobile technology capacity building framework for workplace learningTrede, F; Markauskaite, L; Goodyear, P; Macfarlane, S; Mcewen, C; Tayebjee, F
2016-01-01Learning in the workplace: The role of Nurse ManagersYen, M; Trede, F; Patterson, C
2019The Place of Agency and Related Capacities in Future PracticesTrede, F; Higgs, J; Higgs, J; Cork, S; Horsfall, D
2012-01-01Practice-based education: perspectives and strategiesHiggs, J; Barnett, R; Billett, S; Hutchings, M; Trede, F
2021Roadshow presentations for developing presentation and feedback skills in studio based learningBone, D; Gay, V; Brookes, W; Trede, F; Braun, R
2017-01-01Strengthening attainment of student learning outcomes during work-integrated learning: A collaborative governance framework across academia, industry and studentsHenderson, A; Trede, F
2019-09-01Studio-based learning in a first year engineering curriculum: Exploring students' learning experiences and reflections using the rich picture methodTrede, F; Braun, R; Brookes, W
2019-09-01Studios in de and EE at UTS: Structure and rationaleBraun, R; Bone, D; Brookes, W; Trede, F; Hadgraft, R
2020-01-01The community internship – a cohesive collection of placement interventionsPatrick, CJ; Webb, F; Peters, M; Trede, F
-UTS WIL Quality FrameworkTrede, F; Wehr, D
2021-01-01UTS WIL Quality FrameworkTrede, F; Wehr, D