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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09-30COVID-19 challenges faced by general practitioners in Australia: a survey study conducted in March 2021.Copp, T; Isautier, JMJ; Nickel, B; Pickles, K; Tracy, M; Doust, J; Bonner, C; Dodd, RH; Ayre, J; Cvejic, E; Trevena, L; Manocha, R; McCaffery, KJ
2016-06-27Does a Mobile Phone Depression-Screening App Motivate Mobile Phone Users With High Depressive Symptoms to Seek a Health Care Professional’s Help?BinDhim, NF; Alanazi, EM; Aljadhey, H; Basyouni, MH; Kowalski, SR; Pont, LG; Shaman, AM; Trevena, L; Alhawassi, TM
2018-12-17Improving women's knowledge about prenatal screening in the era of non-invasive prenatal testing for Down syndrome - development and acceptability of a low literacy decision aid.Smith, SK; Cai, A; Wong, M; Sousa, MS; Peate, M; Welsh, A; Meiser, B; Kaur, R; Halliday, J; Lewis, S; Trevena, L; Yanes, T; Barlow-Stewart, K; Barclay, M
2017-12-01Qualitative insights into the experience of teaching shared decision making within adult education health literacy programmes for lower-literacy learnersMuscat, DM; Morony, S; Smith, SK; Shepherd, HL; Dhillon, HM; Hayen, A; Trevena, L; Luxford, K; Nutbeam, D; McCaffery, KJ
2019-07Skills for Shared Decision-Making: Evaluation of a Health Literacy Program for Consumers with Lower Literacy Levels.Muscat, DM; Morony, S; Trevena, L; Hayen, A; Shepherd, HL; Smith, SK; Dhillon, HM; Luxford, K; Nutbeam, D; McCaffery, KJ
2023-08The Colorectal cancer RISk Prediction (CRISP) trial: a randomised controlled trial of a decision support tool for risk-stratified colorectal cancer screening.Emery, JD; Jenkins, MA; Saya, S; Chondros, P; Oberoi, J; Milton, S; Novy, K; Habgood, E; Karnchanachari, N; Pirotta, M; Trevena, L; Bickerstaffe, A; De Abreu Lourenço, R; Crothers, A; Ouakrim, DA; Flander, L; Dowty, JG; Walter, FM; Clark, M; Doncovio, S; Etemadmoghadam, D; Fishman, G; Macrae, F; Winship, I; McIntosh, JG
2021-10-07The impact of health literacy-sensitive design and heart age in a cardiovascular disease prevention decision aid: randomised controlled trial and end user testing (Preprint)Bonner, C; Batcup, C; Ayre, J; Cvejic, E; Trevena, L; Doust, J
2018-07-25The use of a risk assessment and decision support tool (CRISP) compared with usual care in general practice to increase risk-stratified colorectal cancer screening: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialWalker, JG; Macrae, F; Winship, I; Oberoi, J; Saya, S; Milton, S; Bickerstaffe, A; Dowty, JG; De Abreu Lourenço, R; Clark, M; Galloway, L; Fishman, G; Walter, FM; Flander, L; Chondros, P; Ait Ouakrim, D; Pirotta, M; Trevena, L; Jenkins, MA; Emery, JD