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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-01A comprehensive investigation of energy management practices within energy intensive industries in BangladeshHasan, ASMM; Tuhin, RA; Ullah, M; Sakib, TH; Thollander, P; Trianni, A
2020-11-01A Review of Energy Management Assessment Models for Industrial Energy EfficiencyHasan, ASMM; Trianni, A
2021-04-01A triple bottom line balanced set of key performance indicators to measure the sustainability performance of industrial supply chainsNeri, A; Cagno, E; Lepri, M; Trianni, A
2021-10-01Barriers and drivers for the adoption of industrial sustainability measures in European SMEs: Empirical evidence from chemical and metalworking sectorsNeri, A; Cagno, E; Trianni, A
2016-01-15Barriers, drivers and decision-making process for industrial energy efficiency: A broad study among manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprisesTrianni, A; Cagno, E; Farné, S
2018-06-01Broadening to sustainability the perspective of industrial decision-makers on the energy efficiency measures adoption: some empirical evidenceCagno, E; Neri, A; Trianni, A
2017-02-01Classification of drivers for industrial energy efficiency and their effect on the barriers affecting the investment decision-making processTrianni, A; Cagno, E; Marchesani, F; Spallina, G
2018-01-01Compressed air systems: Factors affecting the adoption of measures for improved efficiencyTrianni, A; Cagno, E; Nicosia, M
2017-08-01Drivers for energy efficiency and their effect on barriers: empirical evidence from Italian manufacturing enterprisesCagno, E; Trianni, A; Spallina, G; Marchesani, F
2017-01-01Driving forces and obstacles to nuclear cogeneration in Europe: Lessons learnt from FinlandLeurent, M; Jasserand, F; Locatelli, G; Palm, J; Rämä, M; Trianni, A
2020-12-14Energy efficiency measures and production resources: Towards an integrative classification framework for decision makersKatic, M; Trianni, A
2019-10-15Energy efficiency measures in electric motors systems: A novel classification highlighting specific implications in their adoptionTrianni, A; Cagno, E; Accordini, D
2019-02-01Energy management: A practice-based assessment modelTrianni, A; Cagno, E; Bertolotti, M; Thollander, P; Andersson, E
2020-12-14Energy Management: Sustainable Approach Towards Industry 4.0Monjurul Hasan, ASM; Trianni, A
2017-08-01Erratum to: Drivers for energy efficiency and their effect on barriers: empirical evidence from Italian manufacturing enterprises (Energy Efficiency, (2017), 10, 4, (855-869), 10.1007/s12053-016-9488-x)Cagno, E; Trianni, A; Spallina, G; Marchesani, F
2019-01-01A framework to characterize factors affecting the adoption of energy efficiency measures within electric motors systemsCagno, E; Accordini, D; Trianni, A
2020-06-20Green supply chain management drivers, practices and performance: A comprehensive study on the moderatorsMicheli, GJL; Cagno, E; Mustillo, G; Trianni, A
2018-06-01Guest editorial noteTrianni, A; Thollander, P
2020-10-01Identification and categorization of factors affecting the adoption of energy efficiency measures within compressed air systemsTrianni, A; Accordini, D; Cagno, E
2021-10-01Identification and characterization of decision-making factors over industrial energy efficiency measures in electric motor systemsAccordini, D; Cagno, E; Trianni, A