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2021-11-18Clinicians' experiences of using and implementing a medical mobile phone app (QUiPP V2) designed to predict the risk of preterm birth and aid clinical decision making.Carlisle, N; Watson, HA; Carter, J; Kuhrt, K; Seed, PT; Tribe, RM; Sandall, J; Shennan, AH
2020Development and validation of prediction models for the QUiPP App v.2: a tool for predicting preterm birth in women with symptoms of threatened preterm labor.Carter, J; Seed, PT; Watson, HA; David, AL; Sandall, J; Shennan, AH; Tribe, RM
2020-10-06Midwifery continuity of care versus standard maternity care for women at increased risk of preterm birth: A hybrid implementation-effectiveness, randomised controlled pilot trial in the UK.Fernandez Turienzo, C; Bick, D; Briley, AL; Bollard, M; Coxon, K; Cross, P; Silverio, SA; Singh, C; Seed, PT; Tribe, RM; Shennan, AH; Sandall, J; POPPIE Pilot Collaborative Group
2019-11-12Mobile phone apps for clinical decision support in pregnancy: a scoping reviewCarter, J; Sandall, J; Shennan, AH; Tribe, RM
2018-12-01Parturition and the perinatal period: can mode of delivery impact on the future health of the neonate?Tribe, RM; Taylor, PD; Kelly, NM; Rees, D; Sandall, J; Kennedy, HP
2019-05-14POPPIE: Protocol for a randomised controlled pilot trial of continuity of midwifery care for women at increased risk of preterm birthFernandez Turienzo, C; Bick, D; Bollard, M; Brigante, L; Briley, A; Coxon, K; Cross, P; Healey, A; Mehta, M; Melaugh, A; Moulla, J; Seed, PT; Shennan, AH; Singh, C; Tribe, RM; Sandall, J
2018-08-17The Preterm Clinical Network (PCN) Database: A web-based systematic method of collecting data on the care of women at risk of preterm birthCarter, J; Tribe, RM; Sandall, J; Shennan, AH; Alfirevic, Z; Adamson, C; Girling, J; Tezcan, B; Bennett, P; Bonney, EA; Simpson, N; Care, AG; Chandiramani, M; Daly, S; David, AL; James, CP; Francis, HC; Ganapathy, R; Greenwold, N; Hezelgrave, NL; Hillman, C; Hoveyda, F; Jolly, M; Kelly, T; Malarselvi, M; Patni, S; Manktelow, BN; Selman, T; Shankar, LR; Sharp, A; Stock, SJ; Terzidou, V; Tydeman, G; Vecsei, FA
2018-10-13Short-term and long-term effects of caesarean section on the health of women and childrenSandall, J; Tribe, RM; Avery, L; Mola, G; Visser, GH; Homer, CS; Gibbons, D; Kelly, NM; Kennedy, HP; Kidanto, H; Taylor, P; Temmerman, M
2021-09Ten women's decision-making experiences in threatened preterm labour: Qualitative findings from the EQUIPTT trial.Carlisle, N; Watson, HA; Kuhrt, K; Carter, J; Seed, PT; Tribe, RM; Sandall, J; Shennan, AH
2020-04-30The PRECISE (PREgnancy Care Integrating translational Science, Everywhere) Network's first protocol: deep phenotyping in three sub-Saharan African countries.von Dadelszen, P; Flint-O'Kane, M; Poston, L; Craik, R; Russell, D; Tribe, RM; d'Alessandro, U; Roca, A; Jah, H; Temmerman, M; Koech Etyang, A; Sevene, E; Chin, P; Lawn, JE; Blencowe, H; Sandall, J; Salisbury, TT; Barratt, B; Shennan, AH; Makanga, PT; Magee, LA; PRECISE Network
2018-09-01Threatened preterm labour: Women's experiences of risk and care management: A qualitative studyCarter, J; Tribe, RM; Shennan, AH; Sandall, J