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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-11-082-D two-fold symmetric circular shaped filter design with homomorphic processing applicationSeneviratne, AJ; Kha, HH; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, TQ
2022-01-012D Beamforming for 3D Full-Dimensional Massive MIMOZhu, W; Tuan, HD; Fang, Y
2017-02-012D Bilinear programming for robust PID/DD controller designHosoe, S; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, TN
2021-11-01A New Class of Structured Beamforming for Content-Centric Fog Radio Access NetworksZhu, W; Tuan, HD; Dutkiewicz, E; Fang, Y; Hanzo, L
2007-06-01Adaptive control design for nonlinearly parameterized systems with a triangular structureYokoi, K; Hung, NVQ; Tuan, HD; Hosoe, S
2008-05-01Adaptive control for nonlinearly parameterized uncertainties in robot manipulatorsHung, NVQ; Tuan, HD; Narikiyo, T; Apkarian, P
2021-02-15Adaptive Successive Interference Cancellation in Cell-free Massive MIMO-NOMANguyen, TK; Nguyen, HH; Tuan, HD
2006-01-01Affine precoding and decoding MIMO frequency-selective fading channel for estimation and source detectionTran, NN; Pham, DH; Tuan, HD
2009-09-23Analog flat filter designHoang, HG; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, TQ
2005-01-01Beam pattern synthesis for large symmetric arrays with bounds on sidelobe and mainlobe levelsHoang, HG; Tuan, HD; Vo, B; Kha, HH
2017-11-03Beamforming and power allocation for energy-efficient massive MIMONguyen, LD; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
2017-02-01Beamforming Design for Wireless Information and Power Transfer Systems: Receive Power-Splitting Versus Transmit Time-SwitchingNasir, AA; Tuan, HD; Ngo, DT; Duong, TQ; Vincent Poor, H
2011-03-01Beamforming in nonorthogonal amplify-and-forward relay networksPham, TT; Nguyen, HH; Tuan, HD
2018-07-15Beamforming Optimization for Physical Layer Security in MISO Wireless NetworksSheng, Z; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
2012-04-01Beamforming optimization in multi-user amplify-and-forward wireless relay networksPhan, AH; Tuan, HD; Kha, HH; Nguyen, HH
2015-11-04Breast Cancer classification using extracted parameters from a terahertz dielectric model of human breast tissueTruong, BCQ; Tuan, HD; Fitzgerald, AJ; Wallace, VP; Nguyen, TN; Nguyen, HT
2012-08-01Bregman divergence based sensor selections for spectrum sensingChe, E; Tuan, HD; Kha, HH; Ngo, HQ
2021-01-01Cell-Free Massive MIMO in the Short Blocklength Regime for URLLCNasir, AA; Tuan, HD; Ngo, HQ; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
2018-10-01Cell-free massive MIMO networks: Optimal power control against active eavesdroppingHoang, TM; Ngo, HQ; Duong, TQ; Tuan, HD; Marshall, A
2021-02-16Cell-Free Massive MIMO-NOMA with Optimal Backhaul CombiningNguyen, TK; Nguyen, HH; Tuan, HD