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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A mainstreaming oncogenomics model: improving the identification of Lynch syndrome.O'Shea, R; Crook, A; Jacobs, C; Kentwell, M; Gleeson, M; Tucker, KM; Hampel, H; Rahm, AK; Taylor, N; Lewis, S; Rankin, NM
2021-07-13Building capacity from within: qualitative evaluation of a training program aimed at upskilling healthcare workers in delivering an evidence-based implementation approach.Morrow, A; Chan, P; Tiernan, G; Steinberg, J; Debono, D; Wolfenden, L; Tucker, KM; Hogden, E; Taylor, N
2022-03Cancer patient knowledge about and behavioral intentions after germline genome sequencing.Napier, CE; Davies, G; Butow, PN; Schlub, TE; Best, MC; Bartley, N; Juraskova, I; Meiser, B; Tucker, KM; Biesecker, BB; Thomas, DM; Ballinger, ML; Members of the PiGeOn Project,
2020-09How can Australia integrate routine genetic sequencing in oncology: a qualitative study through an implementation science lens.O'Shea, R; Rankin, NM; Kentwell, M; Gleeson, M; Salmon, L; Tucker, KM; Lewis, S; Taylor, N
2020-11-09Implementing gene curation for hereditary cancer susceptibility in Australia: achieving consensus on genes with clinical utility.Tudini, E; Davidson, AL; Dressel, U; Andrews, L; Antill, Y; Crook, A; Field, M; Gattas, M; Harris, R; Kirk, J; Pachter, N; Salmon, L; Susman, R; Townshend, S; Trainer, AH; Tucker, KM; Mitchell, G; James, PA; Ward, RL; Mar Fan, H; Poplawski, NK; Spurdle, AB
2023-06-23Precision Medicine Is Changing the Roles of Healthcare Professionals, Scientists, and Research Staff: Learnings from a Childhood Cancer Precision Medicine Trial.Daly, R; Hetherington, K; Hazell, E; Wadling, BR; Tyrrell, V; Tucker, KM; Marshall, GM; Ziegler, DS; Lau, LMS; Trahair, TN; O'Brien, TA; Collins, K; Gifford, AJ; Haber, M; Pinese, M; Malkin, D; Cowley, MJ; Karpelowsky, J; Drew, D; Jacobs, C; Wakefield, CE
2022-08Preferences for return of germline genome sequencing results for cancer patients and their genetic relatives in a research setting.Best, MC; Butow, P; Savard, J; Jacobs, C; Bartley, N; Davies, G; Napier, CE; Ballinger, ML; Thomas, DM; Biesecker, B; Tucker, KM; Juraskova, I; Meiser, B; Schlub, T; Newson, AJ
2021-11Stakeholders' views of integrating universal tumour screening and genetic testing for colorectal and endometrial cancer into routine oncology.O'Shea, R; Rankin, NM; Kentwell, M; Gleeson, M; Tucker, KM; Hampel, H; Taylor, N; Lewis, S
2020-06-15Understanding implementation success: protocol for an in-depth, mixed-methods process evaluation of a cluster randomised controlled trial testing methods to improve detection of Lynch syndrome in Australian hospitals.Morrow, A; Tucker, KM; Shaw, TJ; Parkinson, B; Abraham, C; Wolfenden, L; Taylor, N