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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08-01Enhancing student experience and performance through peer-assisted learningSudhakar, A; Tyler, J; Wakefield, J
2014-12-01Facilitating Enhanced Learning in Tutorials through Tablet Computing Enabled Sharing and Annotation TechnologiesDyson, LE; Frawley, JK; Tyler, J; Wakefield, J
2018-07-01The impact of an iPad-supported annotation and sharing technology on university students' learningWakefield, J; Frawley, JK; Tyler, J; Dyson, LE
2011-12-01The Impact of Quasi-Regulatory Reforms on Boards and Their Committees During the Period 2001-2007Matolcsy, Z; Tyler, J; Wells, P
2019-06-01Implications of student-generated screencasts on final examination performanceWakefield, J; Tyler, J; Dyson, LE; Frawley, JK
2012-04-01Is continuous disclosure associated with board independence?Matolcsy, Z; Tyler, J; Wells, P
2018-07-15Millennial-scale variability in south-east Australian hydroclimate between 30,000 and 10,000 years agoFalster, G; Tyler, J; Grant, K; Tibby, J; Turney, C; Löhr, S; Jacobsen, G; Kershaw, AP
2016-07-01Supporting graduate attribute development in introductory accounting with student-generated screencastsFrawley, JK; Dyson, LE; Wakefield, J; Tyler, J
2022-04-27THE APPLICATION OF POLLEN RADIOCARBON DATING AND BAYESIAN AGE-DEPTH MODELING FOR DEVELOPING ROBUST GEOCHRONOLOGICAL FRAMEWORKS OF WETLAND ARCHIVESCadd, H; Sherborne-Higgins, B; Becerra-Valdivia, L; Tibby, J; Barr, C; Forbes, M; Cohen, TJ; Tyler, J; Vandergoes, M; Francke, A; Lewis, R; Arnold, LJ; Jacobsen, G; Marjo, C; Turney, C
2009-11-18Using students' devices and a no-to-low cost online tool to support interactive experiential mlearningLitchfield, A; Raban, R; Dyson, LE; Leigh, E; Tyler, J