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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2018Analytical review of the mix design of fiber reinforced high strength self-compacting concreteSalari, Z; Vakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
17-Jan-2017ANFIS application to predict the compressive strength of lightweight self-compacting concreteVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
24-Jul-2014ANFIS Application to Predict the Mechanical Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete from mix design proportionsVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S; Miyamoto, M
18-Sep-2014Application of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System in High Strength ConcreteVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
1-May-2017Compressive strength and mixture proportions of self-compacting light weight concreteVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
Feb-2018Effect of Concrete Strength and Reinforcement on Time-Dependent Deflection of Posttensioned SlabsVakhshouri, B
25-Jul-2018Effect of fiber reinforcing on instantaneous deflection of self-compacting concrete one-way slabs under early-age loadingVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
1-Nov-2014Experimental study of time dependent bond transfer length under pure tension in slabsVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S; Ekolu, SO; Dundu, M; Gao, X
1-Dec-2017Instantaneous deflection of light-weight concrete slabsVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
1-Jan-2018Instantaneous deflection of self-compacting and lightweight concrete slabs at early-ageVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
1-Jan-2014Limitations and Uncertainties in the Long-Term Deflection Calculation of Concrete StructuresVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
1-Jun-2016Mix design of light-weight self-compacting concreteVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
1-Jan-2015Predicition of Compressive Strength in Light-Weight Self-Compacting Concrete by ANFIS Analytical ModelVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
6-Mar-2018Prediction of compressive strength of self-compacting concrete by ANFIS modelsVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
2-Jan-2018Review on the mixture design and mechanical properties of the lightweight concrete containing expanded polystyrene beadsVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
10-Apr-2016Self-compacting light-weight concrete; mix design and proportionsVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
1-Mar-2018Sensitivity of concrete properties to compressive strengthVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S
20-Jul-2018Size effect and age factor in mechanical properties of BST Light Weight ConcreteVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S