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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2012Acting by hand: Informing interaction design for the periphery of people's attentionBakker, S; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
1-Jan-2013An analysis of input-output relations in interaction with smart tangible objectsVan De Garde-Perik, E; Offermans, S; Van Boerdonk, K; Lenssen, KM; Van Den Hoven, E
20-Mar-2017Balance, cogito and dott: Exploring media modalities for everyday-life reflectionMols, I; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
6-Nov-2009Balancing skills to optimize fun in interactive board gamesKraaijenbrink, E; Van Gils, F; Cheng, Q; Van Herk, R; Van Den Hoven, E
1-Dec-2008BLB: A persuasive and interactive installation designed to improve well-beingGolsteijn, C; Van Den Hoven, E; Geurts, S; Eichenbrenner, M; Van Leest, C; Van Den Hurk, S; Ling, YS
20-Apr-2018The body as starting point: Exploring inside and around body boundaries for body-centric computing designSchraefel, MC; Andres, J; Van Den Hoven, E
29-Nov-2016Companions: Objects accruing Value and Memories by being a Part of our LivesZijlema, A; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
1-Dec-2011Connected sketchbook: Linking digital files to physical pagesWijnen, J; Van Den Hoven, E
27-May-2013Crossing the bridge over Norman's Gulf of Execution: Revealing feedforward's true identityVermeulen, J; Luyten, K; Van Den Hoven, E; Coninx, K
1-Dec-2011Cueing the past: Designing embodied interaction for everyday rememberingVan Erve, D; Vos, GW; Van Den Hoven, E; Frohlich, D
20-Mar-2017Design directions for media-supported collocated remembering practicesBroekhuijsen, M; Van Den Hoven, E; Markopoulos, P
7-May-2016Designing for the other 'hereafter': When older adults remember about forgettingRamos, L; Van Den Hoven, E; Miller, L
1-Jan-2014Designing interaction in digital tabletop games to support collaborative learning in childrenSpermon, M; Schouten, I; Van Den Hoven, E
10-Jun-2017Designing memory probes to inform dialogueTsai, WC; Orth, D; Van Den Hoven, E
26-Oct-2009Designing to support reasoned imagination through embodied metaphorAntle, AN; Corness, G; Bakker, S; Droumeva, M; Van Den Hoven, E; Bevans, A
10-Jun-2017Digital decoupling and disentangling: Towards design for romantic break upHerron, D; Moncur, W; Van Den Hoven, E
23-Oct-2016Digital possessions after a romantic break UpHerron, D; Moncur, W; Van Den Hoven, E
20-Apr-2018Digital possessions in the museum of broken relationshipsHerron, D; Moncur, W; Curić, M; Grubišić, D; Vištica, O; Van Den Hoven, E
7-Dec-2015Do we ruin the moment? Exploring the design of novel capturing technologiesMols, I; Broekhuijsen, M; Van Den Hoven, E; Markopoulos, P; Eggen, B
1-Apr-2012Embodied metaphors in tangible interaction designBakker, S; Antle, AN; Van Den Hoven, E