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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06-01Activity of novel lipid glycine transporter inhibitors on synaptic signalling in the dorsal horn of the spinal cordWinters, BL; Rawling, T; Vandenberg, RJ; Christie, MJ; Bhola, RF; Imlach, WL
2019-03-14Development of an N-Acyl Amino Acid That Selectively Inhibits the Glycine Transporter 2 to Produce Analgesia in a Rat Model of Chronic PainMostyn, SN; Rawling, T; Mohammadi, S; Shimmon, S; Frangos, ZJ; Sarker, S; Yousuf, A; Vetter, I; Ryan, RM; Christie, MJ; Vandenberg, RJ
2019-10-01Identification of an allosteric binding site on the human glycine transporter, GlyT2, for bioactive lipid analgesicsMostyn, SN; Wilson, KA; Schumann-Gillett, A; Frangos, ZJ; Shimmon, S; Rawling, T; Ryan, RM; O’mara, ML; Vandenberg, RJ
2020-10Identification of N-acyl amino acids that are positive allosteric modulators of glycine receptors.Gallagher, CI; Sheipouri, D; Shimmon, S; Rawling, T; Vandenberg, RJ
2023-08-02Novel Phenylene Lipids That Are Positive Allosteric Modulators of Glycine Receptors and Inhibitors of Glycine Transporter 2.Gallagher, CI; Frangos, ZJ; Sheipouri, D; Shimmon, S; Duman, M-N; Jayakumar, S; Cioffi, CL; Rawling, T; Vandenberg, RJ
2022-09Peripheral administration of selective GlyT2 inhibitor, oleoyl-D-lysine, reverses chronic neuropathic pain but not acute or inflammatory pain in male miceWilson, BS; Peiser-Oliver, J; Gillis, A; Evans, S; Alamein, C; Mostyn, SN; Shimmon, S; Rawling, T; Christie, MJ; Vandenberg, RJ; Mohammadi, SA
2020-05Photoswitchable ORG25543 Congener Enables Optical Control of Glycine Transporter 2.Mostyn, SN; Sarker, S; Muthuraman, P; Raja, A; Shimmon, S; Rawling, T; Cioffi, CL; Vandenberg, RJ
2017-09-20Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Acyl-Glycine Inhibitors of GlyT2Mostyn, SN; Carland, JE; Shimmon, S; Ryan, RM; Rawling, T; Vandenberg, RJ
2021-01-12The allosteric inhibition of glycine transporter 2 by bioactive lipid analgesics is controlled by penetration into a deep lipid cavity.Wilson, KA; Mostyn, SN; Frangos, ZJ; Shimmon, S; Rawling, T; Vandenberg, RJ; O'Mara, ML