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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-08A critique of serious leisure as theoryVeal, AJ
2009-09-19Alternatives to Standards: A Review of Leisure Planning Guidelines: U-Plan Project Paper 2Veal, AJ
2005-03-16AustraliaVeal, AJ
2020-09-28Australia and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies (ANZALS) Submission to the Parliament of Victoria Inquiry into Environmental Infrastructure for Growing PopulationsWalters, T; McGrath, R; McDonald, K; Tower, J; Darcy, S; Veal, AJ
2005-01-13A brief history of work and its relationship to leisureVeal, AJ
2014-01Bums on Seats: Attendance trends in culture and sportSchlenker, K; Foley, CT; Edwards, DC; Veal, AJ
2021-01-01Capitalism, fascism, communism, social democracy and the study of leisure: comments prompted by Ken Roberts’ “Still speaking to ourselves”Veal, AJ
2005-01Cross- National leisure participation and time-use surveys: a futureCushman, G; Veal, AJ; Zuzanek, J; Cushman, G; Veal, AJ; Zuzanek, J
2023-01-01Cultural participation as a human right: holding nation states to accountVeal, AJ
2006-01Eating out & the appetite for leisureFinkelstein, J; Lynch, R; Rojek, C; Shaw, S; Veal, AJ
2006-01EconomicsVeal, AJ; Rojek, C; Shaw, S; Veal, AJ
2002-01Education for tourism: the challenge of a multi-disciplinary curriculumVeal, AJ
2009-02-19The Elusive Leisure SocietyVeal, AJ
2000Events beyond 2000 : setting the agenda : proceedings of conference on event evaluation, research and education, Sydney, July 2000Jago, L; Veal, AJ; Allen, J; Harris, R
2023-06Everyday life and Everyday LeisureVeal, AJ
2012-11-01FIT for the purpose? Open space planning standards in BritainVeal, AJ
2005-03-16Great BritainGratton, C; Veal, AJ
2022-01-01Holding governments to account for leisure rights: a collaborative research agendaVeal, AJ; Sivan, A
2015-01-01Human rights, leisure and leisure studiesVeal, AJ
2021-01-01International assessment of the right to leisure timeVeal, AJ