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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04-01Addressing the Sim2Real Gap in Robotic 3-D Object ClassificationWeibel, JB; Patten, T; Vincze, M
2020DGCM-Net: Dense Geometrical Correspondence Matching Network for Incremental Experience-Based Robotic Grasping.Patten, T; Park, K; Vincze, M
2022-01-01GigaDepth: Learning Depth from Structured Light with Branching Neural NetworksSchreiberhuber, S; Weibel, JB; Patten, T; Vincze, M
2020-01-01Neural Object Learning for 6D Pose Estimation Using a Few Cluttered ImagesPark, K; Patten, T; Vincze, M
2021-01-01Object Learning for 6D Pose Estimation and Grasping from RGB-D Videos of In-hand ManipulationPatten, T; Park, K; Leitner, M; Wolfram, K; Vincze, M
2020-01-01Physical Plausibility of 6D Pose Estimates in Scenes of Static Rigid ObjectsBauer, D; Patten, T; Vincze, M
2022-07-01Robust Sim2Real 3D Object Classification Using Graph Representations and a Deep Center Voting SchemeWeibel, JB; Patten, T; Vincze, M
2022-02-15SporeAgent: Reinforced Scene-level Plausibility for Object Pose RefinementBauer, D; Patten, T; Vincze, M
2021-01-01Usability Study of Learning-Based Pose Estimation of Industrial Objects from Synthetic Depth DataThalhammer, S; Patten, T; Vincze, M; Ratchev, S
2020-07-01VeREFINE: Integrating Object Pose Verification with Physics-Guided Iterative RefinementBauer, D; Patten, T; Vincze, M
2016-01-01Viewpoint Evaluation for Online 3-D Active Object ClassificationPatten, T; Zillich, M; Fitch, R; Vincze, M; Sukkarieh, S
2022Where Does It Belong? Autonomous Object Mapping in Open-World Settings.Langer, E; Patten, T; Vincze, M