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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11-01Across Islands and Oceans: Re-imagining Colonial Violence in the Past and the Present: Renisa Mawani. 2018. Across Oceans of Law: The Komagata Maru and Jurisdiction in the Time of Empire. Durham: Duke University Press Elizabeth McMahon. 2016. Islands, Identity and the Literary Imagination. London and New York: Anthem Press Stewart Motha. 2018. Archiving Sovereignty: Law, History, Violence. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan PressVan Rijswijk, H; Vogl, A
2018-09-01Adjudicating fear of witchcraft claims in refugee lawMillbank, J; Vogl, A
2019-02-20Australia's Asylum Seeker Code of BehaviourMethven, E; Vogl, A
2019-07-01Australia's Asylum Seeker Code of Behaviour: A statistical analysisRandolf, M; Vogl, A; Methven, E; Weber, L
2019-07-01Australia's Asylum Seeker Code of Behaviour: A Statistical AnalysisRandolph, M; Vogl, A; Methven, E; Weber, L
2019-06-01Australia's Private Refugee Sponsorship Program: Creating Complementary Pathways or Privatising Humanitarianism?Hirsch, A; Hoang, K; Vogl, A
2019-03-08Community members should be able to sponsor refugees for the right reasons, not to save the government moneyVogl, A; Hirsch, A
-COVID-19 and the relentless harms of Australia’s punitive immigration detention regimeVogl, A; Fleay, C; Loughnan, C; Murray, P; Dehm, S
2019-10-04Crimmigration and Refugees: Bridging Visas, Criminal Cancellations and ‘Living in the Community’ as Punishment and DeterrenceVogl, A; Billings, P
2019-01-02Dehumanized and demonized refugees, zombies and world war ZCrofts, P; Vogl, A
2018-01-02The genres and politics of refugee testimonyVogl, A
2020Life in the Shadow Carceral State: Surveillance and Control of Asylum Seekers in AustraliaVogl, A; Methven, E
2016A Matter of Time: Enacting the Exclusion of Onshore Refugee Applicants through the Reform and Acceleration of Refugee Determination ProcessesVogl, A
2018-02-01Migration Law and Women: Gendering Australia's Migration ProgramDehm, S; Vogl, A
2020Private Humanitarian Sponsorship in Australia: Searching for the Community in Australia's Community Refugee Sponsorship ProgramVogl, A; Hoang, K; Hirsch, A; Labman, S; Cameron, G
2021-04-01Protection, Crime and Punishment: Regulation at the Nexus of Crimmigration and Refugee LawVogl, A; Dauvergne, C
2019-09-05Refugee Rejection is More Complex than a Soundbite: why the Tamil family should stayDehm, S; Vogl, A
2021-12-17Submission on the Migration Amendment (Strengthening the Character Test) Bill 2021Methven, E; Vogl, A
2017-06-09Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Migrant Settlement OutcomesMethven, EP; Vogl, A
2013-01-01Telling stories from start to finish: Exploring the demand for narrative in refugee testimonyVogl, A