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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2018Adjudicating fear of witchcraft claims in refugee lawMillbank, J; Vogl, A
20-Feb-2019Australia's Asylum Seeker Code of BehaviourMethven, E; Vogl, A
1-Jul-2019Australia's Asylum Seeker Code of Behaviour: A statistical analysisRandolf, M; Vogl, A; Methven, E; Weber, L
8-Mar-2019Community members should be able to sponsor refugees for the right reasons, not to save the government moneyVogl, A; Hirsch, A
4-Oct-2019Crimmigration and Refugees: Bridging Visas, Criminal Cancellations and ‘Living in the Community’ as Punishment and DeterrenceVogl, A; Billings, P
2-Jan-2019Dehumanized and demonized refugees, zombies and world war ZCrofts, P; Vogl, A
2-Jan-2018The genres and politics of refugee testimonyVogl, A
2016A Matter of Time: Enacting the Exclusion of Onshore Refugee Applicants through the Reform and Acceleration of Refugee Determination ProcessesVogl, A
1-Feb-2018Migration Law and Women: Gendering Australia's Migration ProgramDehm, S; Vogl, A
9-Jun-2017Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Migrant Settlement OutcomesMethven, EP; Vogl, A
1-Jan-2013Telling stories from start to finish: Exploring the demand for narrative in refugee testimonyVogl, A
25-Oct-2017An Unfair and Dangerous Process: A Legal Analysis of the Ministerial Deadline to Apply for Asylum and Use of Executive Power in the Legacy CaseloadVogl, A; Dehm, S
1-Jan-2015We will decide who comes to this country, and how they behave: A critical reading of the asylum seeker Code of BehaviourVogl, A; Methven, E