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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11A comprehensive review on the framework to valorise lignocellulosic biomass as biorefinery feedstocks.Vu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Vu, MT; Johir, MAH; McLaughlan, R; Nghiem, LD
2020-04A hybrid anaerobic and microalgal membrane reactor for energy and microalgal biomass production from wastewaterVu, MT; Vu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Semblante, GU; Johir, MAH; Nghiem, LD
-Blue-Green Algae in Surface Water: Problems and OpportunitiesVu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Zdarta, J; Nga, TTV; Nghiem, LD
2022-01-01Chapter 4 Seaweed carrageenans: Productions and applicationsNguyen, LN; Vu, MT; Vu, HP; Zdarta, J; Mohammed, JAH; Pathak, N; Ralph, PJ; Nghiem, LD
2022-06-21Chiral Inversion of 2-Arylpropionic Acid Enantiomers under Anaerobic Conditions.Nguyen, QA; Vu, HP; McDonald, JA; Nguyen, LN; Leusch, FDL; Neale, PA; Khan, SJ; Nghiem, LD
2022-09Effects of harvesting on morphological and biochemical characteristics of microalgal biomass harvested by polyacrylamide addition, pH-induced flocculation, and centrifugation.Kuzhiumparambil, U; Labeeuw, L; Commault, A; Vu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Ralph, PJ; Nghiem, LD
2021-07-27Factors governing microalgae harvesting efficiency by flocculation using cationic polymers.Vu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Emmerton, B; Wang, Q; Ralph, PJ; Nghiem, LD
2020-09-25Harvesting Porphyridium purpureum using polyacrylamide polymers and alkaline bases and their impact on biomass quality.Vu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Vu, MT; Labeeuw, L; Emmerton, B; Commault, AS; Ralph, PJ; Mahlia, TMI; Nghiem, LD
2022-02-01Hydrogen sulphide management in anaerobic digestion: A critical review on input control, process regulation, and post-treatment.Vu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Wang, Q; Ngo, HH; Liu, Q; Zhang, X; Nghiem, LD
2023-03-05Microalgae enrichment for biomass harvesting and water reuse by ceramic microfiltration membranesAditya, L; Vu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Mahlia, TMI; Hoang, NB; Nghiem, LD
2022-09-10Microalgae-bacteria consortium for wastewater treatment and biomass production.Aditya, L; Mahlia, TMI; Nguyen, LN; Vu, HP; Nghiem, LD
2022-01-01Microalgae-based carbon capture and utilization: A critical review on current system developments and biomass utilizationNguyen, LN; Vu, MT; Vu, HP; Johir, MAH; Labeeuw, L; Ralph, PJ; Mahlia, TMI; Pandey, A; Sirohi, R; Nghiem, LD
2021-08Monitoring antibiotic resistance genes in wastewater treatment: Current strategies and future challenges.Nguyen, AQ; Vu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Wang, Q; Djordjevic, SP; Donner, E; Yin, H; Nghiem, LD
2022-12-01Nutrient Removal by Algae-Based Wastewater TreatmentNguyen, LN; Aditya, L; Vu, HP; Johir, AH; Bennar, L; Ralph, P; Hoang, NB; Zdarta, J; Nghiem, LD
2023-12Role of culture solution pH in balancing CO2 input and light intensity for maximising microalgae growth rate.Aditya, L; Vu, HP; Abu Hasan Johir, M; Mahlia, TMI; Silitonga, AS; Zhang, X; Liu, Q; Tra, V-T; Ngo, HH; Nghiem, LD
2022Seaweed carrageenans: Productions and applicationsNguyen, LN; Vu, MT; Vu, HP; Zdarta, J; Mohammed, JAH; Pathak, N; Ralph, PJ; Nghiem, LD
2020-02-01Synergistic effect of dual flocculation between inorganic salts and chitosan on harvesting microalgae Chlorella vulgarisVu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Lesage, G; Nghiem, LD
2021-01-01Synthesis and evaluation of cationic polyacrylamide and polyacrylate flocculants for harvesting freshwater and marine microalgaeNguyen, LN; Vu, HP; Fu, Q; Abu Hasan Johir, M; Ibrahim, I; Mofijur, M; Labeeuw, L; Pernice, M; Ralph, PJ; Nghiem, LD
2024-03-20Synthesizing cationic polymers and tuning their properties for microalgae harvesting.Aditya, L; Vu, HP; Johir, MAH; Mao, S; Ansari, A; Fu, Q; Nghiem, LD
2021Valorizing agricultural residues as biorefinery feedstocks: current advancements and challengesVu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Zdarta, J; Jesionowski, T; Nghiem, LD