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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-04Addressing Expanded Polystyrene Waste Through A Closed-Loop System Using Digital Technologies: University of Technology Sydney Pilot StudyWakefield-Rann, R; Lee, T; Pandolfo, B; Florin, N
2018-12-01Chemical management for consumer products: Industry landscape and recommendations for progressDubash, J; Wakefield-Rann, R; Prentice, E; Giurco, D; Geoff, L
2021-04-20Conspicuous and inconspicuous repair: A framework for situating repair in relation to consumer practices and design researchLee, T; Wakefield-Rann, R
2018-12-01Design philosophy and poetic thinking: Peter sloterdijk’s metaphorical explorations of the interiorLee, T; Wakefield-Rann, R
2021-05-01Improving landholder engagement in biodiversity conservation: what can be learned from literary theory and designLee, T; Wakefield-Rann, R
2018-12-01Initiating a transdisciplinary conversation to improve indoor ecologiesWakefield-Rann, R; Fam, D
2018-12-01“It’s Just a Never-Ending Battle”: The role of modern hygiene ideals and the dynamics of everyday life in constructing indoor ecologiesWakefield-Rann, R; Fam, D; Stewart, S
2021-11-01Life Indoors How our homes are shaping our bodies and our planetWakefield-Rann, R
2019-01-01Microbes, chemicals and the health of homes: integrating theories to account for more-than-human entanglementsWakefield-Rann, R; Fam, D; Stewart, S
-Navigating the Digital Transformation of Water Use in the Home Using Visualisations of Possible FuturesFane, S; Butler, A; Wakefield-Rann, R; Flack, A; Andre, B
2021-04-01Reducing new mining for electric vehicle battery metals: responsible sourcing through demand reduction strategies and recyclingDominish, E; Florin, N; Wakefield-Rann, R
2020-01-01Routine exposure: social practices and environmental health risks in the homeWakefield-Rann, R; Fam, D; Stewart, S
2020-02-27Scoping study for solar panels and battery system reuse and recycling in NSWFlorin, N; Wakefield-Rann, R; Dominish, E; Dwyer, S; Gertsakis, J; Hartford, N