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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-12-01Advertising education in Australia: Looking back to the futureKerr, GF; Waller, D; Patti, C
2021-05-01Australian Federal, State and Territory Policy on the Health and Wellbeing of Young People: A Scoping ReviewWaller, D; Brooks, F; Perry, L; Kang, M; Steinbeck, K
2010-11-01Client influence and advertising standardization: A survey of ad agenciesWaller, D; Shao, AT; Bao, Y
2016-08-01Determining the effect of vein visualization technology on donation success, vasovagal symptoms, anxiety and intention to re-donate in whole blood donors aged 18–30 years: A randomized controlled trialWaller, D; Mondy, P; Brama, T; Fisher, J; King, A; Malkov, K; Wall-Smith, D; Ryan, L; Irving, DO
2017-01Donating blood for research: a potential method for enhancing customer satisfaction of permanently deferred blood donors.Waller, D; Thijsen, A; Garradd, A; Hayman, J; Smith, G
2017-04-03Effective communication with difficult to reach landholdersMorrison, M; Greig, J; Waller, D; McCulloch, R; Read, D
2020-06-12Effects of Anxiety on Preferences for Generic Medicines in AustraliaBarton, B; Burke, P; Waller, D
2021-08-22Guiding the development and implementation of interventions in transfusion medicine: The intervention mapping protocol.Thijsen, A; Waller, D; Masser, B; Davison, TE
2016-06Lost in translation: Knowledge, attitudes and practices in donors experiencing a vasovagal reaction.Thijsen, A; King, A; Waller, D
2020-09-10Motivations to use social media: effects on the perceived informativeness, entertainment, and intrusiveness of paid mobile advertisingNoguti, V; Waller, D
2020-11-01Price image and the sugrophobia effect on luxury retail purchase intentionCheah, JH; Waller, D; Thaichon, P; Ting, H; Lim, XJ
2020-08-01Redesigning the market for volunteers: A donor registryHeger, SA; Slonim, R; Garbarino, E; Wang, C; Waller, D
2021-07-29Religion, Spirituality, and AdvertisingWaller, D; Casidy, R
2020What S-commerce Implies? Repurchase Intention and Its AntecedentsLim, X-J; Cheah, J-H; Waller, D; Ting, H; Ng, SI