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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07-29Clinical impact of whole-genome sequencing in patients with early-onset dementia.Huq, AJ; Thompson, B; Bennett, MF; Bournazos, A; Bommireddipalli, S; Gorelik, A; Schultz, J; Sexton, A; Purvis, R; West, K; Cotter, M; Valente, G; Hughes, A; Riaz, M; Walsh, M; Farrand, S; Loi, SM; Kilpatrick, T; Brodtmann, A; Darby, D; Eratne, D; Walterfang, M; Delatycki, MB; Storey, E; Fahey, M; Cooper, S; Lacaze, P; Masters, CL; Velakoulis, D; Bahlo, M; James, PA; Winship, I
2017-05Diagnostic and cost utility of whole exome sequencing in peripheral neuropathy.Walsh, M; Bell, KM; Chong, B; Creed, E; Brett, GR; Pope, K; Thorne, NP; Sadedin, S; Georgeson, P; Phelan, DG; Day, T; Taylor, JA; Sexton, A; Lockhart, PJ; Kiers, L; Fahey, M; Macciocca, I; Gaff, CL; Oshlack, A; Yiu, EM; James, PA; Stark, Z; Ryan, MM; Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance,
2016-11-07Effects of ischaemic conditioning on major clinical outcomes in people undergoing invasive procedures: systematic review and meta-analysis.Sukkar, L; Hong, D; Wong, MG; Badve, SV; Rogers, K; Perkovic, V; Walsh, M; Yu, X; Hillis, GS; Gallagher, M; Jardine, M
2023-01-01Indigenous nation building and native title: strategic uses of a fraught settler-colonial regimeCompton, A; Vivian, A; Petray, T; Walsh, M; Hemming, S
2018-04-12Photophysics of GaN single-photon emitters in the visible spectral rangeBerhane, AM; Jeong, KY; Bradac, C; Walsh, M; Englund, D; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
2022-07Real world outcomes and implementation pathways of exome sequencing in an adult genetic department.Walsh, M; West, K; Taylor, JA; Thompson, BA; Hopkins, A; Sexton, A; Ragunathan, A; Verma, KP; Panetta, J; Matotek, E; Fahey, MC; Christie, M; Winship, IM; Trainer, AH; James, PA
2016-04-21Sero-epidemiological assessment of Chlamydia trachomatis infection and sub-fertility in Samoan womenMenon, S; Stansfield, SH; Walsh, M; Hope, E; Isaia, L; Righarts, AA; Niupulusu, T; Temese, SVA; Iosefa-Siitia, L; Auvaa, L; Tapelu, SA; Motu, MF; Suaalii-Sauni, T; Timms, P; Hill, PC; Huston, WM
2021-11Suicide in frontotemporal dementia and Huntington disease: analysis of family-reported pedigree data and implications for genetic healthcare for asymptomatic relatives.Sexton, A; West, K; Gill, G; Wiseman, A; Taylor, J; Purvis, R; Fahey, M; Storey, E; Walsh, M; James, P
2021-01-15The clinical utility of exome sequencing and extended bioinformatic analyses in adolescents and adults with a broad range of neurological phenotypes: an Australian perspective.Eratne, D; Schneider, A; Lynch, E; Martyn, M; Velakoulis, D; Fahey, M; Kwan, P; Leventer, R; Rafehi, H; Chong, B; Stark, Z; Lunke, S; Phelan, DG; O'Keefe, M; Siemering, K; West, K; Sexton, A; Jarmolowicz, A; Taylor, JA; Schultz, J; Purvis, R; Uebergang, E; Chalinor, H; Creighton, B; Gelfand, N; Saks, T; Prawer, Y; Smagarinsky, Y; Pan, T; Goranitis, I; Ademi, Z; Gaff, C; Huq, A; Walsh, M; James, PA; Krzesinski, EI; Wallis, M; Stutterd, CA; Bahlo, M; Delatycki, MB; Berkovic, SF
2017-10-25Tunable quantum emission from atomic defects in hexagonal boron nitrideGrosso, G; Moon, H; Lienhard, B; Ali, S; Furchi, MM; Walsh, M; Efetov, DK; Jarillo-Herrero, P; Ford, MJ; Aharonovich, I; Englund, D
2023-04-03What actually is a treaty? What could it mean for Indigenous people?Hobbs, H; Norman, H; Walsh, M