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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01Above all, 'do no harm': Key considerations when including students as research participants in higher education settingsCleary, M; Walter, G; Jackson, D
2014-01-01Clinical Case Reports in mental health: the need for nuance and contextRaeburn, T; Jackson, D; Walter, G; Escott, P; Cleary, M
2013-06-01Coercion and the corruption of care in mental health nursing: Lessons from a case studyHutchinson, M; Jackson, D; Walter, G; Cleary, M
2014-01-01Contemplating an expatriate health care position? Key factors to considerCleary, M; Walter, G; Siegfried, N; Jackson, D
2022Danger Ideation Reduction Therapy: a new treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.Jones, MK; Menzies, RG; Walter, G; O'Brien, M; Denshire, E; Crain, LM
2013-09-01Dealing with peer-review: What is reasonable and what is not?Cleary, M; Walter, G; Jackson, D; Daly, J
2010-12-01Fostering real-world clinical mental health researchCleary, M; Hunt, GE; Walter, G; Jackson, D
2015-01-01Keeping the Peace": Relevance of the Concept for Mental Health NursingCleary, M; Escott, P; Walter, G; Horsfall, J; Jackson, D
2013-12-01Negative workplace behaviours at the University of Hard KnocksCleary, M; Walter, G; Andrew, S; Jackson, D
2011-03-07"Not Always Smooth Sailing": Mental health issues associated with the transition from high school to collegeCleary, M; Walter, G; Jackson, D
2014-01-01Qualitative research: The optimal scholarly means of understanding the patient experienceCleary, M; Escott, P; Horsfall, J; Walter, G; Jackson, D
2002-06-01Synthesis of layered-structure LiMn<inf>1-x</inf>Cr<inf>x</inf>O<inf>2</inf> by the Pechini method and characterization as a cathode for rechargeable Li/LiMnO<inf>2</inf> cellsGuo, ZP; Zhong, S; Wang, GX; Walter, G; Liu, HK; Dou, SX