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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-02Acculturation and risk of traffic crashes in young Asian-born Australian drivers.Boufous, S; Möller, H; Patton, G; Woodward, M; Stevenson, MR; Senserrick, T; Mclean, R; Cullen, P; Wang, A; Rogers, K; Chen, H-Y; Ivers, RQ
2022-02-14Can we evidence-base injury prevention and management in women's football? A scoping review.Okholm Kryger, K; Wang, A; Mehta, R; Impellizzeri, F; Massey, A; Harrison, M; Glendinning, R; McCall, A
2021-11-23Clinical Decision Making in the Management of Breast Cancer Diagnosed During Pregnancy: A Review and Case Series Analysis.Safi, N; Saunders, C; Anazodo, A; Dickinson, JE; Boyle, F; Ives, A; Wang, A; Li, Z; Sullivan, E
2021-01-01Cumulative live birth rates among gestational surrogates in altruistic surrogacy arrangements.Attawet, J; Wang, A; Li, Z; Johnson, L; Hammarberg, K; Sullivan, E
2016-02Denitrifying sulfide removal process on high-salinity wastewaters in the presence of Halomonas sp.Liu, C; Zhao, D; Ma, W; Guo, Y; Wang, A; Wang, Q; Lee, D-J
2020-08Eclampsia in Australia and New Zealand: A prospective population-based study.Pollock, W; Peek, MJ; Wang, A; Li, Z; Ellwood, D; Homer, CSE; Jackson Pulver, L; McLintock, C; Vaughan, G; Knight, M; Sullivan, EA
2019-10-01Effectiveness of social egg freezing: Protocol for systematic review and meta-analysesWang, A; Kumsa, FA; Kaan, I; Li, Z; Sullivan, E; Farquhar, CM
2019-02-01Effects of person-centered care at the organisational-level for people with dementia. A systematic reviewChenoweth, L; Stein-Parbury, J; Lapkin, S; Wang, A; Liu, Z; Williams, A
2017-10-01Incidence, risk factors and perinatal outcomes for placenta accreta in Australia and New Zealand: A case-control studyFarquhar, CM; Li, Z; Lensen, S; McLintock, C; Pollock, W; Peek, MJ; Ellwood, D; Knight, M; Homer, CS; Vaughan, G; Wang, A; Sullivan, E
2015-12-02Maternal super-obesity and perinatal outcomes in Australia: A national population-based cohort studySullivan, EA; Dickinson, JE; Vaughan, GA; Peek, MJ; Ellwood, D; Homer, CSE; Knight, M; McLintock, C; Wang, A; Pollock, W; Jackson Pulver, L; Li, Z; Javid, N; Denney-Wilson, E; Callaway, L
2017-09-01Negative Obstacle Detection in Unstructured Environment Based on Multiple LiDARs and Compositional FeaturesLiu, J; Tang, Z; Wang, A; Shi, C
2014-01-01Nine-year objective and subjective follow-up of the ultra-lateral anterior repair for cystoceleChen, Z; Wong, V; Wang, A; Moore, KH
2017-10-02An optimal frequency division control for hybrid energy storageWang, A; Huang, P; Zhu, J
2017-10-01Optimized phase-space reconstruction for accurate musical-instrument signal classificationGuo, Y; Liu, Q; Wang, A; Sun, C; Tian, W; Naik, GR; Abraham, A
2019-07-01Recidivism, health and social functioning following release to the community of NSW prisoners with problematic drug use: Study protocol of the population-based retrospective cohort study on the evaluation of the Connections ProgramSullivan, E; Ward, S; Zeki, R; Wayland, S; Sherwood, J; Wang, A; Worner, F; Kendall, S; Brown, J; Chang, S
2017-10-02Research on an improved virtual flux droop control method with better dynamic and static performanceWang, A; Zhang, J; Zhu, J
2021-01-01Research on women’s football: a scoping reviewOkholm Kryger, K; Wang, A; Mehta, R; Impellizzeri, FM; Massey, A; McCall, A
2019-05-01Senescence and defense pathways contribute to heterosisGonzalez-Bayon, R; Shen, Y; Groszmann, M; Zhu, A; Wang, A; Allu, AD; Dennis, ES; Peacock, WJ; Greaves, IK
2022-05-11Subtle changes in pH affect the packing and robustness of fatty acid bilayers.Lowe, LA; Kindt, JT; Cranfield, C; Cornell, B; Macmillan, A; Wang, A
2020-07-02The perinatal period, the developing intestinal microbiome and inflammatory bowel diseases: What links early life events with later life disease?Ali, F; Lui, K; Wang, A; Day, AS; Leach, ST