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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-01A mixture of coal wash and fly ash as a pavement substructure materialWang D; Tawk M; Indraratna B; Heitor A; Rujikiatkamjorn C
2020-05-01Activation of nitrite by freezing process for anaerobic digestion enhancement of waste activated sludge: Performance and mechanismsLiu X; Huang X; Wu Y; Xu Q; Du M; Wang D; Yang Q; Liu Y; Ni BJ; Yang G; Yang F; Wang Q
2020-03-01Allocation of coal de-capacity quota among provinces in China: A bi-level multi-objective combinatorial optimization approachWang D; Liu Y; Wang Y; Shi X; Song X
2020-09Au2Pt-PEG-Ce6 nanoformulation with dual nanozyme activities for synergistic chemodynamic therapy / phototherapy.Wang M; Chang M; Chen Q; Wang D; Li C; Hou Z; Lin J; Jin D; Xing B
2020CAME: Content- and Context-Aware Music Embedding for RecommendationWang D; Zhang X; Yu D; Xu G; Deng S
2020-03-07Enhanced high-quality biomethane production from anaerobic digestion of primary sludge by corn stover biochar.Wei W; Guo W; Ngo HH; Mannina G; Wang D; Chen X; Liu Y; Peng L; Ni B-J
2020-02New perspectives on microbial communities and biological nitrogen removal processes in wastewater treatment systems.Ren Y; Hao Ngo H; Guo W; Wang D; Peng L; Ni B-J; Wei W; Liu Y
2020-04Nitrous oxide production from wastewater treatment: The potential as energy resource rather than potent greenhouse gas.Wu L; Peng L; Wei W; Wang D; Ni B-J
2019-04-01STC: Exposing Hidden Compromised Devices in Networked Sustainable Green Smart Computing Platforms by Partial ObservationWang D; Wu T; Wen S; Chen X; Xiang Y; Zhou W
2020-01-01Structural correlation filters combined with a Gaussian particle filter for hierarchical visual trackingDai M; Xiao G; Cheng S; Wang D; He X