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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A case study on the new reverberation room built in University of Technology SydneyQiu X; Zhu Q; Wang S; Zhong J
2019-11-01A novel spun photonic crystal fibre with amoeba shapeLuo Y; Yan B; Canning J; Tafti G; Wang S; Wang W; Tian Y; Cook K; Dhasarathan V; Peng GD
2019-06-01A size-controlled AFGAN model for ship acoustic fault expansionZhang L; Wei N; Du X; Wang S
-Chinese clinical named entity recognition based on stacked neural networkZhang R; Lu W; Wang S; Peng X; Yu R; Gao Y
2019-01-01Formal verification of quantum algorithms using quantum hoare logicLiu J; Zhan B; Wang S; Ying S; Liu T; Li Y; Ying M; Zhan N; Dillig I; Tasiran S
2020-01-01Jointly Modeling Intra- and Inter-transaction Dependencies with Hierarchical Attentive Transaction Embeddings for Next-item RecommendationWang S; Cao L; Hu L; Berkovsky S; Huang X; Xiao L; Lu W
2019-01-01Modeling multi-purpose sessions for next-item recommendations via mixture-channel purpose routing networksWang S; Hu L; Wang Y; Sheng QZ; Orgun M; Cao L
2019-03-18Multiscale Modeling of Magnetic Distribution in a Magnetic Core of High-frequency TransformerLi H; Wang S; Zhang N; Zhu J
2019-02-01Numerical study for compaction-grouted soil nails with multiple grout bulbsYe X; Wang S; Xiao X; Sloan S; Sheng D
2019-08-01Performance of a compaction-grouted soil nail in laboratory testsYe X; Wang Q; Wang S; Sloan S; Sheng D
2019-06-01Quasi-3-d cylindrical coordinate xfem model of hts cableDuan N; Xu W; Wang S; Zhu J
2019-01-01Security and Cost-Aware Computation Offloading via Deep Reinforcement Learning in Mobile Edge ComputingHuang B; Li Y; Li Z; Pan L; Wang S; Xu Y; Hu H
2020-09-14Self-Attention Enhanced Patient Journey Understanding in Healthcare SystemPeng X; Long G; Shen T; Wang S; Jiang J
2019-01-01Sequential recommender systems: Challenges, progress and prospectsWang S; Hu L; Wang Y; Cao L; Sheng QZ; Orgun M
2019-02-01The analysis of a ferriteless rectangular coupler with reactive assistive shielding coils for ev wireless chargingWang S; Wang Z; Deng J; Guo Y; Dorrell DG
2019-07-01Towards digital retina in smart cities: A model generation, utilization and communication paradigmLou Y; Duan LY; Luo Y; Chen Z; Liu T; Wang S; Gao W
2019-07Urban-rural gradients reveal joint control of elevated CO2 and temperature on extended photosynthetic seasons.Wang S; Ju W; Peñuelas J; Cescatti A; Zhou Y; Fu Y; Huete A; Liu M; Zhang Y