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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04-03Framing an independent, integrated and evidence-based evaluation of the state of Australia's biophysical and human environmentsWard, T; Cork, S; Dobbs, K; Harper, P; Harris, P; Hatton, T; Joy, R; Kanowski, P; Mackay, R; McKenzie, N; Wienecke, B
2013-10-01Improvements to Rapfish: A rapid evaluation technique for fisheries integrating ecological and human dimensions<sup>a</sup>Pitcher, TJ; Lam, ME; Ainsworth, C; Martindale, A; Nakamura, K; Perry, RI; Ward, T
2023-01-01INTERNATIONAL EXPERT STATEMENT ON ISRAELI STATE CRIMEGreen, P; Lasslett, K; McCulloch, J; Rolston, B; Keenan, J; Tombs, S; Wise, L; Stańczak, D; MacManus, T; Regents, RMA; Seoighe, R; Rothe, DL; Kramer, RC; Stanley, E; Barak, G; Cameron, H; Whyte, D; Scraton, P; Barsocchini, RJ; Bradshaw, EA; Ciocchini, P; White, R; Williams, C; Huggins, MK; Poynting, S; Meirelles, R; Cunneen, C; Catello, R; Sherwood, A; Ward, T; McConnachie, K; Falk, R; Elver, H; Bandiera, R; Perugini, N; Zeffert, H; da Silva Filho, JCM; Matyakubova, D; Sentas, V; Giannacopoulos, M; Sobout, A; Grewcock, M; de Nardin Budó, M; Forero-Cuéllar, A; Darke, S; Afana, R; McMillan, N
2009-08-01A process to design a network of marine no-take areas: Lessons from the Great Barrier ReefFernandes, L; Day, J; Kerrigan, B; Breen, D; De'ath, G; Mapstone, B; Coles, R; Done, T; Marsh, H; Poiner, I; Ward, T; Williams, D; Kenchington, R
2015-08-01Reinventing residual reserves in the sea: Are we favouring ease of establishment over need for protection?Devillers, R; Pressey, RL; Grech, A; Kittinger, JN; Edgar, GJ; Ward, T; Watson, R
2020-12-01Representation does not necessarily reduce threats to biodiversity: Australia's Commonwealth marine protected area system, 2012–2018Cockerell, B; Pressey, RL; Grech, A; Álvarez-Romero, JG; Ward, T; Devillers, R
2018-07-25Seeing slavery in seafood supply chainsNakamura, K; Bishop, L; Ward, T; Pramod, G; Thomson, DC; Tungpuchayakul, P; Srakaew, S