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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-06"A feeling for run and rhythm": coaches' perspectives of performance, talent, and progression in rowing.Legge, N; Watsford, M; Sharp, P; O'Meara, D; Slattery, K
2011-11-14Assessing musculo-articular stiffness using free oscillations: Theory, measurement and analysisDitroilo, M; Watsford, M; Murphy, A; De Vito, G
2015-01-01Changes in futsal activity profiles in a multiday tournamentDoʇramaci, S; Watsford, M; Murphy, A
2017Concussion Incidence and Recurrence in Professional Australian Football Match-Play: A 14-Year Analysis.Gibbs, N; Watsford, M
2011-06-01Differences in the kinematics of the baseball swing between hitters of varying skillInkster, B; Murphy, A; Bower, R; Watsford, M
2015-10-26The effects of compression garments on performance of prolonged manual-labour exercise and recoveryChan, V; Duffield, R; Watsford, M
2011-05-01Effects of fatigue on muscle stiffness and intermittent sprinting during cyclingDitroilo, M; Watsford, M; Fernández-Peña, E; D'Amen, G; Lucertini, F; De Vito, G
2008-01-01The effects of respiratory-muscle training on exercise in older womenWatsford, M; Murphy, A
2007-01-01Effects of vibration exercise on muscle performance and mobility in an older populationRees, S; Murphy, A; Watsford, M
2017-01-01Estimation of Torque Based on EMG using ANFISAnwar, T; Al-Jumaily, A; Watsford, M
2022-06-25Inertial Sensor Estimation of Initial and Terminal Contact during In-Field Running.Yang, Y; Wang, L; Su, S; Watsford, M; Wood, LM; Duffield, R
2023-09-20Intrinsic variables associated with low back pain and lumbar spine injury in fast bowlers in cricket: a systematic review.Farhart, P; Beakley, D; Diwan, A; Duffield, R; Rodriguez, EP; Chamoli, U; Watsford, M
2010-07-01Muscle stiffness and rate of torque development during sprint cyclingWatsford, M; Ditroilo, M; Fernández-Peña, E; D'Amen, G; Lucertini, F
2018-07-03Muscle strength characteristics of the hamstrings and quadriceps in players from a high-level youth football (soccer) AcademyPeek, K; Gatherer, D; Bennett, KJM; Fransen, J; Watsford, M
2014-01-01The relationship between lower-body stiffness and dynamic performancePruyn, EC; Watsford, M; Murphy, A
2011The reliability and validity of subjective notational analysis in comparison to global positioning system tracking to assess athlete movement patternsDogramaci, S; Watsford, M; Murphy, A
2013-05-10Sources of Variability in Musculo-Articular Stiffness MeasurementDitroilo, M; Watsford, M; Murphy, A; De Vito, G
2014-01-01Standardisation of acceleration zones in professional field sport athletesJohnston, R; Watsford, M; Pine, M; Spurrs, R
2021-06-06The influence of technique and physical capacity on ball release speed in cricket fast-bowling.Kiely, N; Pickering Rodriguez, L; Watsford, M; Reddin, T; Hardy, S; Duffield, R
2011-06-01Validity and inter-day reliability of a free-oscillation test to measure knee extensor and knee flexor musculo-articular stiffnessDitroilo, M; Watsford, M; De Vito, G