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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-01Aboriginal mothers in prison in Australia: a study of social, emotional and physical wellbeingSullivan, EA; Kendall, S; Chang, S; Baldry, E; Zeki, R; Gilles, M; Wilson, M; Butler, T; Levy, M; Wayland, S; Cullen, P; Jones, J; Sherwood, J
2021-04-09"At Least until the Second Wave Comes…": A Twitter Analysis of the NHS and COVID-19 between March and June 2020.McKay, K; Wayland, S; Ferguson, D; Petty, J; Kennedy, E
2022Dreading Yet Hoping: Traumatic Loss Impacted by Reference DNA Sample Collection for Families of Missing People.Wayland, S; Ward, J
2021-10-14Fears, Reassurance, and Milestones: A Twitter Analysis around World Prematurity Day during the COVID-19 PandemicMcKay, K; O’Nions, E; Wayland, S; Ferguson, D; Kennedy, E
2016-01-01Holding on to hope: A review of the literature exploring missing persons, hope and ambiguous lossWayland, S; Maple, M; McKay, K; Glassock, G
2022-01Making Qualitative Research Inclusive: Methodological Insights in Disability ResearchWatharow, A; Wayland, S
2013-05-25Missing and found; understanding the privacy needs of missing peopleWayland, S
2019-07-01Recidivism, health and social functioning following release to the community of NSW prisoners with problematic drug use: Study protocol of the population-based retrospective cohort study on the evaluation of the Connections ProgramSullivan, E; Ward, S; Zeki, R; Wayland, S; Sherwood, J; Wang, A; Worner, F; Kendall, S; Brown, J; Chang, S
2018-12-01Systematic review of qualitative evaluations of reentry programs addressing problematic drug use and mental health disorders amongst people transitioning from prison to communitiesKendall, S; Redshaw, S; Ward, S; Wayland, S; Sullivan, E
2016-04Those who walk awayWayland, S; McKay, K; Maple, M
2018-12Understanding the ups and downs of living well: the voices of people experiencing early mental health recoveryHancock, N; Smith-Merry, J; Jessup, G; Wayland, S; Kokany, A