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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-01Attuning: A Social and Technical Study of Artist-Programmer CollaborationsTurner, GA; Weakley, AJ; Zhang, Y; Edmonds, EA; Romero, P; Good, J; Bryant, S; Chaparro, E
2007-01Challenges in Prototyping Email in Three DimensionsHumphreys, TJ; Leung, LT; Weakley, AJ; Docherty, M; Kenderdine, S; Wyeld, T
2004-01Creative Presence: Supporting Artistic CollaborationsCostello, BM; Weakley, AJ; Edmonds, EA; Raya, MA; Solaz, BR
2008-01Email as co-habitat in distributed organisationsLeung, LT; Humphreys, TJ; Weakley, AJ; Bidwell, N; Vetere, F; Satchell, C; Graham, C; Muhlberger, R; Lui, C
2007-01Resolving Assumptions in Art-Technology Collaboration as a Means of Extending Shared UnderstandingZhang, Y; Weakley, AJ; Edmonds, EA; Smith, MJ; Salvendy, G
2005-01Seeing eye-to-eye: Supportive transdisciplinary environments for interactive artTurner, GA; Edmonds, EA; Weakley, AJ; Banissi, E; Sarfraz, M; Roberts, JC; Loften, B; Ursyn, A; Burkhard, RA; Lee, A; Andrienko, G
2004-01Shared visualisation in support of distributed creative communitiesWeakley, AJ; Edmonds, EA
2004-01Shared Visualizations In Support of Distributed Creative CommunitiesWeakley, AJ; Edmonds, EA; Hyland, P; Vrazalic, L
2004-01Uncanny Interactions: A Digital Medium for Networked E.motionTurner, GA; Neumark, N; Miranda, M; Weakley, AJ; Edmonds, E; Gibson, R
2005-01Using Repertory Grid in Assessment of Impression FormationWeakley, AJ; Edmonds, EA; Campbell, B; Underwood, J; Bunker, D
2007-01WEB 2.0 in Support of Sketching in Architectural PracticeWeakley, AJ; Deverell, K; Yuille, J; Kim, S; Bracewell, R; Wallace, K; Ciravegna, F; Allemang, D; Kitamura, Y; Kim, YS; Cadas, C
2004-01Web-Based support for creative collaborationWeakley, AJ; Edmonds, EA; Kommers, P; Isias, P; Numes, M
2005-01Web-based Support for Creative CollaborationWeakley, AJ; Edmonds, EA