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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-01-01A Bowl-Shaped Filtering Antenna with Wideband Cross-Band Scattering Mitigation for Dual-Band Base StationsHe, Y; Ding, C; Chang, C; Wei, G; Guo, YJ
2022-01-01An Embedded Dual-Band Base Station Antenna Array Employing Choked Bowl-Shaped Antenna for Cross-Band Scattering MitigationHe, Y; Ding, C; Wei, G; Guo, YJ
2023-10-01Compact Series-fed Circularly-polarized Patch Array based on Microstrip LineWei, G; Chang, L; Wu, Y
2012-09-14Coupled behavior analysis for capturing coupling relationships in group-based market manipulationsSong, Y; Cao, L; Wu, X; Wei, G; Ye, W; Ding, W
2010-09-07Detecting abnormal coupled sequences and sequence changes in group-based manipulative trading behaviorsCao, L; Ou, Y; Yu, PS; Wei, G
2004-02-01Double Effective Medium Model for the Optical Properties of Self-Assembled Gold Nanoparticle Films Cross-Linked with Alkane DithiolsSchelm, S; Smith, GB; Wei, G; Vella, A; Wieczorek, L; Muller, KH; Raguse, B
2024Examining the propensity and nature of criminal risk behaviours in frontotemporal dementia syndromes and Alzheimer's disease.Kumfor, F; Wei, G; Ries, N; Bennett, H; D'Mello, M; Kaizik, C; Piguet, O; Hodges, JR
2011-12-01Exploiting local coherent patterns for unsupervised feature rankingHuang, Q; Tao, D; Li, X; Jin, L; Wei, G
2020-08Generalized norm for existence, uniqueness and stability of Hopfield neural networks with discrete and distributed delays.Wang, H; Wei, G; Wen, S; Huang, T
2021-02-01Impulsive disturbance on stability analysis of delayed quaternion-valued neural networksWang, H; Wei, G; Wen, S; Huang, T
2019-01-25Main Beam Manipulation of Patch Antenna Using Non-uniform Meta-surfaceZhu, HL; Cao, YX; Ding, C; Wei, G; Jay Guo, Y
2017-01-17A novel base station antenna based on rectangular waveguideZhu, HL; Ding, C; Wei, G; Guo, YJ
2003-12-01Optical properties of dense self-assembled gold nanoparticle layers with organic linker moleculesSchelm, S; Smith, GB; Wei, G; Vella, A; Wieczorek, L; Müller, KH; Raguse, B
2017-01-01Polarization-Rotated Waveguide Antennas for Base-Station ApplicationsZhu, HL; Chung, KL; Ding, C; Wei, G; Zhang, C; Guo, YJ
2009-06-16Polymeric di- and discrete trinuclear silver(I) assemblies incorporating γ-carbon bonded, neutral acetylacetone-imine motifs assembled from racemic and diastereopure N,N′-bis(acetylacetone)cyclohexanediimine unitsZhu, BX; Zhang, QL; Zhang, YQ; Tao, Z; Clegg, JK; Reimers, JR; Lindoy, LF; Wei, G
2023Psychometric evaluation of the inventory of dimensions of emerging adulthood (IDEA) in China.Kuang, J; Zhong, J; Yang, P; Bai, X; Liang, Y; Cheval, B; Herold, F; Wei, G; Taylor, A; Zhang, J; Chen, C; Sun, J; Zou, L; Arnett, JJ