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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-06-01The accrual anomaly: Australian evidenceClinch, G; Fuller, D; Govendir, B; Wells, P
2023-01-01An evaluation of the impacts of the adoption of IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with CustomersOnie, S; Ma, L; Spiropoulos, H; Wells, P
2016-11-01The cost of implementing new accounting standards: The case of IFRS adoption in AustraliaLoyeung, A; Matolcsy, Z; Weber, J; Wells, P
2018-04-01Do asset impairments and the associated disclosures resolve uncertainty about future returns and reduce information asymmetry?Vanza, S; Wells, P; Wright, A
2020-12-01Does the Australian Taxation Office disclosure of information impact the costs of tax aggressiveness: Evidence from the Tax Laws Amendment (2013 Measures No.2) Act 2013 over the period 2015-2018Wells, P; Lanis, R; Govendir, B; McClure, R
2007-12-01Earnings Decomposition and the Persistence of EarningsKean, S; Wells, P
2002-01-01Earnings management surrounding CEO changesWells, P
2016-08-06The Effect of Dividend Imputation on Corporate Tax AggressivenessGovendir, B; Lanis, R; McClure, R; Wells, P
2016-03-01An evaluation of asset impairments by Australian firms and whether they were impacted by AASB 136Bond, D; Govendir, B; Wells, P
2014-01-01Group versus individual compensation schemes for senior executives and firm performance: Some evidence based on archival dataBrown, PJ; Matolcsy, Z; Wells, P
2021-01-01“I just looked at the answers”: How the voluntary use of online quizzes impacts performance in introductory accounting.Wight, R; Wakefield, J; Wells, P; Frawley, J
2018-02-01The impact of dividend imputation on corporate tax avoidance: The case of shareholder valueMcClure, R; Lanis, R; Wells, P; Govendir, B
2011-12-01The Impact of Quasi-Regulatory Reforms on Boards and Their Committees During the Period 2001-2007Matolcsy, Z; Tyler, J; Wells, P
2012-04-01Is continuous disclosure associated with board independence?Matolcsy, Z; Tyler, J; Wells, P
2017-06-01Measurement Model or Asset Type: Evidence from an Evaluation of the Relevance of Financial AssetsFreeman, W; Wells, P; Wyatt, A
2008-01-01Podcasting and its relation with student performanceBond, D; Holland, T; Wells, P
2023-11-06Should asset impairments be included in earnings when evaluating stewardship by management?Dymock, A; Wells, P; Govendir, B
2009-01-01Student performance and its association with utilisation of teaching materialBond, D; Holland, T; Wells, P
2012-11-22A team-teaching based approach to engage studentsBond, D; Czernkowski, R; Wells, P
2002Valuing intangible assets provides new challengesMatolcsy, Z; Stokes, D; Wells, P