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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08-01An extended last glacial maximum in the Southern Hemisphere: A contribution to the SHeMax projectPetherick, LM; Knight, J; Shulmeister, J; Bostock, H; Lorrey, A; Fitchett, J; Eaves, S; Vandergoes, MJ; Barrows, TT; Barrell, DJA; Eze, PN; Hesse, P; Jara, IA; Mills, S; Newnham, R; Pedro, J; Ryan, M; Saunders, KM; White, D; Rojas, M; Turney, C
2017Choosing face: The curse of self in profile image selection.White, D; Sutherland, CAM; Burton, AL
2016-05-04Coaching in self-efficacy improves care responses, health and well-being in dementia carers: a pre/post-test/follow-up studyChenoweth, L; Stein-Parbury, J; White, D; McNeill, G; Jeon, YH; Zaratan, B
2022-03-26Enhancing clinician participation in quality improvement training: implementation and impact of an evidence-based initiative to maximise antenatal clinician participation in training regarding women's alcohol consumption during pregnancy.Dray, J; Licata, M; Doherty, E; Tully, B; Williams, B; Curtin, S; White, D; Lecathelinais, C; Ward, S; Hasson, S; Elliott, EJ; Wiggers, J; Kingsland, M
2016-05Not looking yourself: The cost of self-selecting photographs for identity verification.White, D; Burton, AL; Kemp, RI
2016-09-09Quantifying the effect of body mass index, age, and depression severity on 24-h activity patterns in persons with a lifetime history of affective disordersBanihashemi, N; Robillard, R; Yang, J; Carpenter, JS; Hermens, DF; Naismith, SL; Terpening, Z; White, D; Scott, EM; Hickie, IB
2015-01-01Raising our game: Creating new learning experiences with research collaborationsLoy, J; Reay, S; White, D
2016-01-01Sleep, travel, and recovery responses of national footballers during and after long-haul international air travelFullagar, HHK; Duffield, R; Skorski, S; White, D; Bloomfield, J; Kölling, S; Meyer, T