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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-10Assessing the exertion required to induce breathlessness in a population with advanced cancer: Matching measures to the level of physical functionWhite, KM; Agar, MR; Currow, DC
2017-01-01Differences in substance use between sexual orientations in a multi-country sample: Findings from the Global Drug Survey 2015Demant, D; Hides, L; Kavanagh, DJ; White, KM; Winstock, AR; Ferris, J
2018-06-01Effects of participation in and connectedness to the LGBT community on substance use involvement of sexual minority young peopleDemant, D; Hides, L; White, KM; Kavanagh, DJ
2018-09-01LGBT communities and substance use in Queensland, Australia: Perceptions of young people and community stakeholdersDemant, D; Hides, L; White, KM; Kavanagh, DJ
2019-12-01Pathways to diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer: a descriptive cohort studyPurdie, S; Creighton, N; White, KM; Baker, D; Ewald, D; Lee, CK; Lyon, A; Man, J; Michail, D; Miller, AA; Tan, L; Currow, D; Young, JM
2020-08Patterns of surgical care for women with ovarian cancer in New South Wales.White, KM; Walton, RJ; Zhao, GW; Creighton, N; Farrell, R; Saidi, S; Herbst, U; Hogg, R; Currow, DC
2016-02-01The role of time pressure and different psychological safety climate referents in the prediction of nurses' hand hygiene complianceJimmieson, NL; Tucker, MK; White, KM; Liao, J; Campbell, M; Brain, D; Page, K; Barnett, AG; Graves, N
2015-02-13Using a theory of planned behaviour framework to explore hand hygiene beliefs at the '5 critical moments' among Australian hospital-based nurses 59White, KM; Jimmieson, NL; Obst, PL; Graves, N; Barnett, A; Cockshaw, W; Gee, P; Haneman, L; Page, K; Campbell, M; Martin, E; Paterson, D
2022-07-03Variation in ovarian cancer care in Australia: An analysis of patterns of care in diagnosis and initial treatment in New South Wales.White, KM; Walton, RJ; Kwedza, RK; Rushton, S; Currow, DC; Seale, H; Harrison, R
-Young people’s perceptions of substance use norms and attitudes in the LGBT communityDemant, D; Hides, LM; Kavanagh, DJ; White, KM